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Texas Diving At Its Finest – Mammoth Lake

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With so much to see, explore, and experience, it’s no surprise that Mammoth Lake is Texas diving site popular among scuba divers.  

In Texas, everything is bigger now, and that includes its newest scuba diving site. Mammoth Lake is popular among scuba divers since it was opening in 2009. Located in the south of Houston, it offers something for everyone. Whether you are a marine life thalassophile or not, this US dive site is going to help you make memories that you will cherish for life.   

This freshwater dive site has a max depth 61-70ft/19-21m and has an average visibility of 5-10ft/2-3m. 

So, here’s why Mammoth Lake should be your next diving destination this year.  

Inland diving attraction and Texas historical landmark 

Mammoth Lake is a Texas popular dive sites that is home to magical marine life. Formerly it was a 55acre archeological site, and today it is a landmark that has attracted scuba diving enthusiasts.  

Explore a variety of marine life  

As you dive into the lake, you will explore a lot of marine life. There are paddlefish, sunfish, shad, and catfish. You will also find different types of bass – so brace yourself for the ultimate experience.  


Get your certifications, if you don’t have  

Mammoth Lake offers a lot of training platforms if for inland freshwater diving. Basic and advanced diving certifications are offered at the Mammoth Lake.  

A perfect destination for inland freshwater diving 

If you are a new diver, you will learn you will have a great learning experience. It’s a great place to learn and go diving. If you don’t pretty much like the crowd, then you can book in during the weekdays, because this place remains bustling on weekends.   

Professional staff will make you feel home 

The staff is very professional, friendly, and it takes care of every aspect of the park. They are especially great with customer support.  


  • Spring: 71-75°F/22-24°C 
  • Summer: 76-80°F/24-27°C 

Lake entry Fees  

  • To have a seamless scuba diving experience, you should pay your entry fee at the main gate.  
  • Divers -$20  
  • Triathlon Training- $8  
  • Paddle Boarders- $10  
  • Kayaking -$10  
  • Non-divers and observers -$5 (no water activities, only onshore activities)  
  • Swimmers -$10  
  • Snorkelers- $10  
  • Tent Camping only- $10  
  • RV Camping- Daily$25  
  • Weekly $150  
  • Monthly $450 (utilities included)  
  • Park entry is free for the coaches, divemasters, and professional dive instructors 
  • Non-divers, including parents who are accompanying their children, are to stay in the proximity of the dive shop 

**No entry passed gates until paid. Both cash and credit cards are accepted   

Safety rules and regulation 

Make sure you follow these rules during the scuba diving for your safety and the safety of others 

  • All divers must be trained and certified from a recognized institution. 
  • Before arranging a diving excursion, you are required to show your scuba certification.  
  • Carrying your certification is essential to ensure you are trained to dive responsibly. 
  • Do not dive beyond your training.  
  • Always log your dives.  
  • Never go in an overhead environment. 
  • Decompression dive requires training and experience beyond the norm and does not plan it as a recreational activity. 
  • You are not allowed to dive alone. 
  • Fishing is not allowed. 
  • The park management does not take any responsibility for any damage to the person or thing. 
  • Adults should always accompany children.  
  • The park administration reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without prior notice. 
  • You are not allowed to tamper with any training equipment, attractions, or platforms.  
  • All lake entries must come in pay at the main gate before entering into the property. 

Park amenities  

Topside, Mammoth Lake has plenty of amenities, as you might expect.  

  • It has clean restrooms, changing rooms, and showers  
  • A full-service scuba shop is available on site to take care of the basic needs  
  • Air Fills Air -$8 Nitrox- $15 
  • BCD, Regulator, and Tank rental – $50 (24-hour notice required) 
  • Primitive tent camping is available for those who do not like scuba diving  

Your trip to Mammoth Lake is worth the effort; it’s one of the US’s best dive sites. Apart from scuba diving, you can do a lot of things. So what’s your plan? 

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