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Experience Ideal Scuba Diving at Looe Key Reef Resort

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Relax at the comfortable Looe Key Reef Resort and expect a scuba diving experience never before at its dive center. The resort is 24/7 open for sports enthusiasts who love water and live to experience scuba diving again and over again.  

If you are reading this, I am sure you are a scuba diving fan. For all the divers, Looe Key dive center has everything you need to have a happy time. From comfortable accommodations to the friendly staff, diving enthusiasts to guides, you can have it all in one place.  

The clear waters of Florida attract people for special scuba diving experience. The Florida Keys especially has a status of renowned United States dive sites. The beautiful reefs, crystal clear water, astonishing marine life, and resorts full of facilities are more than enough to attract us.  

About Looe Key Reef Resort  

Looe Key Reef Resort is located overseas Highway Ramrod Key, Florida; 16.1 km from Bahia Honda State Park and Key West International Airport is 40.2 km away.  You call it, Looe Key Reef Resort and it has a dive center. Looe Key Reef Resort is best known for the comfortable accommodation, unique dive experience, and amazing rentals you can enjoy with your loved ones.  

Comfortable Accommodation

The accommodation is worth the money. At the dive center, the staff makes sure you have the best dive. The resort welcomes divers, surfers, and crews. Also, a full-service dive shop for you and the resort can accommodate anything you need. 


Single Queen Bedroom – Starting from $90 

2 Queen-sized Bedroom – starting from $120 

The prices may vary according to your stay. For more details, click here.  

Key Reef Resort will take good care of you because it is important more than ever now. Excessive usage of disinfectants all over the place will make sure your health is not at risk.  

Great diving experience 

Your diving experience will include seeing absolutely gorgeous reefs and is the healthiest reef you can ask for. Looe Key dive center will offer you two different spot dive; an hour for each spot which is longer than what you can expect. Absolutely amazing! 

Full-service dive shop 

One of the great things about the Looe Key dive shop is that you can have access to all you need. For those who are beginners, it is pretty much difficult to have genuine diving experience. That will no longer be a problem because the dive shop at Looe Key reef resort provides the equipment you’ll need for that perfect dive. What’s more important is the guidelines.  

Scuba Diving Courses 

At Looe Key dive center, your expertise doesn’t matter. What matters is you have the best dive ever. The resort offers instructions as well. If you’re diving for the first time, you can avail a 2-3 days course.  


If you are planning diving this year, you can order your rentals today.  

  • Scuba Tank & Valve @ Marathon Location $15.00 
  • Regulator & Gauges $15.00 
  • NITROX Tank & Valve Rental (Marathon) $16.00 
  • Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD) – Marathon $15.00 
  • Mask $5.0 
  • Fins $5.0 
  • Wetsuit (Shorty) $10.00 
  • Wetsuit – Full  $14.00 

An amazing sunset cruise 

It’s not just scuba diving or the accommodation that you will love. Your trip to the Florida Keys is an opportunity to enjoy the golden sunset. Grab your favorite coffee as you witness the golden sunset kiss the ocean during the memorable cruise.  

Your scuba diving experience at Looe Key Reef Resort doesn’t end ordinarily. From comfort to adventure, beautiful reef encounters to marine life wonders, your own boat ride, and a remarkable end to your day, it’s all planned for you! 

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