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Long Beach Scuba Diving | Deep Blue Scuba | The Place Where Your Aquatic Journey Begins

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Deep Blue Scuba and Swim Center is the place where your aquatic journey begins. The experience is inclusive, which provides gears, rentals, and training for both kids and adults. It’s more than just diving.

Your experience at the Deep Blue Scuba and Swim Centre is sure to feed your adventure. Once you arrive, you will know there are some incredible things to do for your family too: eLearning courses, on-site classes, diving at Catalina, and much more!!! I am sure you will love this. Without further ado, let’s check this out. 

Deep Blue Scuba center provides training for both adults and youngsters equally. If you have kids keen to explore the underwater, get them trained at the most equipped diving center. 

About Deep Blue Scuba and Swim Center

One of the great things you should know about their service is providing a PADI 5 star IDC training facility. Now you can explore the underwater world a little better and get a scuba certification. 

Learn to dive

With great learning comes excellent experience. If your dream is to become a dive pro, the place is a perfect fit. There are full-fledged courses provided to customers at Deep Blue Scuba and Swim center to help them dive like a pro. Underwater experiences might vary because of your dive skill, and Long Beach scuba diving will take care of that. 

The latest gear that boosts passion, precision, and performance 

Deep Blue Scuba and swim center provide you the best repair services whenever you need it. Highly experienced technicians will take care of your gear and repair it with the best equipment manufacturer’s parts. No compromise over services! Check more here

Get yourself trained as a pro to achieve basic open water certification

Trust the pros that they will guide you in the best possible way and keep you safe. Explore the underwater world with the pros like no other. You will be certified to dive down to 60 feet/18 meters anywhere in the world! You want to be part of this real learning experience, learn more at their official site.

Class details

e-Learning – The first step involves e-Learning. You need to complete the PADI Open Water course that involves 8-16 hours of academic work. 

Pool work – It includes pool work during weeknights evenings between 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm either Tuesday & Thursday (or Monday & Wednesday)

In the case of extra work, the class often occurs on Fridays too.

Ocean Dives – You will have 2-3 ocean dives over the weekend. It’s more fun where you can enjoy your trip out to Catalina, good food, and good company. A typical day would involve diving from 6:15 am until 3:00 pm or 6:00 pm – but it depends on weather conditions and the boat selection. 

Certificate completion – Finalize and successfully complete certification. 

The cost of the certification is $550 per person, which covers eLearning homework, pool time, instructions, and course material. It also includes rental and gears, food/drinks, boat tickets, and certification card. 

Deep Blue Dive Club

HA – good times are waiting for you. 

Meet the enthusiastic scuba divers during the first Thursday of every month at 7 pm. The speakers often talk about various areas of interest in the marine world and explore it to have the best out of it. During the meetup, you will also be able to enjoy food, drinks, and raffle. 

You don’t need to pay any fee to be part of this club; all you need to do is show up. Deep Blue Dive Club is truly one of the best things about Long Beach scuba diving. 

You might get confused because a lot is going on at Deep Blue Scuba and Swim Centre. From incredible dives to pro diving lessons to vibing with buddies at dive club to your kid’s first swim, Long beach scuba diving is an inclusive experience you shouldn’t miss out on.

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