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Amoray Dive Resort – Your Next Scuba Diving Destination

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Enjoy your first authentic dive experience at Amoray dive resort Key Largo because it has all. Unlock the unique serenity, unparalleled relaxation essence, soothing marine life, crystal clear waters, and much more experiences all at once.   

It’s time to plan your trip to Key Largo, Florida to have a once in a lifetime experience. As you enter Amoray dive resort in Key Largo, you will realize that it is uniquely positioned for an ultimate sensational adventure. The resort is a perfect place to take care of your diving enthusiasm.  Amoray dive resort Key Largo offers you a luxurious stay along with the amazing perk of real scuba diving. Trust me, the calming water sighting has what it takes to satisfy a real scuba diving freak.  

Key Largo – the diving capital of North America 

Key Largo is long known as the excellence of scuba diving spots. As one of the well-known Florida Keys, this destination is perfect for scuba diving, boating, fishing, and snorkeling. You can spend time according to your likings i.e. relaxing or thrilling. You will find plenty of water sports lovers like you here.  

Quick fact about Amoray 

Amoray resort was coined “Amoray” due to an incredible yet beautiful incident during Amy’s diving experience, a member of the diving hall of fame, and a Florida keys travel enthusiast. During her photoshoot for TIME magazine in Key Largo, she encountered a special moray eel. She couldn’t keep calm but shout “That’s a moray!” Therefore, the resort was named Amoray.  

Scuba Diving at Amoray 

Have plans for Amoray dive resort Key Largo this year? Expect underwater beauty of coral reefs, marine life teaming with some big and small wrecks to present you a great “what’s under the water” show. You will find some of the cleanest and clearest waters while experiencing a scuba dive in the Florida Keys. 

Why choose Amoray? Here are two finest reasons why: 

Luxurious and comfortable rooms 

If you are planning for the best scuba diving experience, it is important that your stay is comfortable and full of memories. The unique features of this place such as rooms designed to impress, scuba diving staff to learn from, clean and fresh atmosphere, relaxing sceneries, and the list goes on, make it marked as one of the best places to dive in Florida. 

Well-trained staff and various diving equipment 

Wondering what will make your scuba diving experience a remarkable one? Dive staff at Amoray are well-trained, scuba diving lovers, and keen to dive with you. If you are not a pro diver yet, Amoray has got your back! Find more about the courses offered here

A wide range of dive equipment is available to make sure you experience scuba diving never before. For those who are in the learning phase, this equipment will make sure that you become a legit certified scuba diver. So, what are you waiting for?  


For 1 trip, 2 dives: $85.00 

For 2 trips, 4 dives: $160.00 

For 3 trips, 6 dives: $225.00 

For more than 4 trips, more than 8 dives: $280.00 + 

Includes: Two full scuba tanks and weighs 

Full equipment on rent for $30 per day along with the package 

Duration: 4 hrs 

Guide Rates 

Diver cost per diver 

  1. $55 

2 . $45 

3 – 4. $35 

Private  $125 

Things to remember 

  • Carry a waterproof watch or dive computer for your dive. 
  • You must have certification cards, a low-pressure inflator, an alternate air source, a pressure & depth gauge & a timing device. 
  • If your last dive was more than one year ago or have not been diving for more than two years then you will need a guide or a refresher course respectively. 

Refund policy 

You will not be eligible for refunds if you experience seasickness or don’t use tanks and equipment. 

Want to visit the best places to dive in Florida? Amoray dive resort, Key Largo is offering experiences worth your money and time. Your never-before scuba diving experience at Amoray dive resort is filled with luxury, adventure, and thrilling dive experience and is just one click away.  Make sure you book your online tickets here

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