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Top 10 Scuba Diving Jobs?

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Scuba diving is a diverse field, and there are many jobs available. However, which jobs are the best? In this article, we will go over the Top 10 Scuba diving jobs that you can apply for. We will also briefly discuss the salaries of each job.

10 Best Scuba Diving Jobs

Here are some of the best Scuba diving jobs:

Dive Instructor

This is the most obvious job; for most people, this is a dream job. As a diver instructor, you will spend your days exploring the underwater worlds and on dive boats. You might even get it live in a beautiful location.

However, being a driving instructor comes with a few responsibilities; you must ensure that you are doing things safely and that your students have the right gear. There is also the reward of guiding and introducing students to underwater discovery.

Overall, if you want a diving and teaching job, you should go for a dive instructor job. The average salary for this job can be around $31k to 50k.

Golf Ball Diver

While most people might not consider this an option, it is a legitimate job if you have the proper certificates and documentation. However, this job is not for you if you’ve done scuba diving at the most basic level. Usually, Golf ball divers go into contaminated and murky waters full of chemicals and pesticides.

These waters can also contain dangerous animals such as alligators, snakes and moccasins. There are also hazardous trash, downed branches and trees, and the visibility is extremely low. Due to these dangerous circumstances, the divers that do Gold ball diving should be confident and have self-rescue skills. This job typically offers a salary of $36k to 55K.

Underwater Photographer

Do you like to do underwater photography? Then this job is perfect for you. Underwater photographers take videos and photographs of caves, shipwrecks, marine life and coral reefs. These photographers also work in the hospitality and fashion industries, photographing resort advertisements and underwater models.

While the photographer’s main job is to take pictures, they should also know how to edit the pictures. These photographers should also know how to adjust coloring, lighting and staging; these are a few challenges underwater photography brings. The average salary for this job is $31K to 50K.

Marine Archaeologist

Are you interested in investing in shipwrecks? Then you should apply for a Marine archaeologist job. Marine archaeologists are people that study the ocean floor, looking for sites that might contain human remains of monetary value and shipwrecks. You might also be responsible for forming a database on the shipwrecks in your region. The average salary for this job is $39K to 50K.

Commercial Diving

This job is not available for most people because it comes with several risks. The risks vary as well, from one extreme to another. However, this type of diving is a broad field, ranging from HAZMAT to underwater jobs. Commercial diving is a job in which you will need to work below the surface of the water and perform different tasks such as installing, repairing or removing equipment.

Many factors determine the salary of a commercial diver, such as depth of the dive, experience, location, and diver experience. However, commercial diving is not limited by location, as divers often spend 4 to 8 weeks in the field and rest for about 10 to 28 days. Commercial diving requires specialized schooling and often pays around $54K to $93K.

Public Safety Diver

Do you know who deals with crime scenes and accidents that take place underwater? They are public safety divers and have special certifications. These divers typically go underwater to collect evidence on crime scenes and accidents.

Usually, these divers encounter dangerous swimming conditions and have no visibility. These divers also need intense training, as they must be ready to see heartbreaking and frightening things. While diving on its own is a fun-filled activity, if you want to dive have a diving career, you can go for a public safety diver job.

Dive Shop Manager or Owner

Experience in retail or marketing sales is valued in the diving industry. Many Scuba diving operations are run by people who don’t have anything to do with the diving field but love diving. If you are passionate about scuba diving, you can start your Dive shop.

Boat Captain

If you have a captain’s license, many job opportunities will come your way, especially in the diving industry. The main role of the boat’s captain is to operate and command the boat. Additional tasks of a boat captain are making adjustments, navigating, conducting safety drills and making adjustments based on the environmental conditions.

You can also access many beautiful diving sites in the world if you have a boat captain’s license and a boat.

Marine Biologist

Marine biologists study various organisms underwater, such as different species of animals and plants. Some biologists may specialize in sharks, while others specialize in microscopic planktons. Tasks for marine biologists are gathering data, studying the natural environment and the characteristics of the species, managing and monitoring species and updating information about their findings.

Travel Blogger

If you are passionate about exploring new places and sharing advice, you can opt for a job as a travel blogger. Travel bloggers typically collect material and write their experiences down as they travel to different parts of the world. As a diver, you will visit different places, some of which you wouldn’t have ever heard of.

You will go to remote places to collect first-hand information about the health of the ocean’s environment. You can also use your certifications to grow your network by connecting with people.


This article discussed the 10 best Scuba diving jobs in the world. While you have plenty of options, most jobs require training and certifications. Also, some jobs carry risks, such as public safety diving or golf ball diving. However, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of each job, and if it suits you, don’t hesitate to apply for it.

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