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Scuba Diving Underwater Metal Detector

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Scuba Diving Underwater Metal Detector is for all the adventurers out there, scuba diving is a great sport to spend leisure time. If you are a scuba enthusiast, you probably love exploring marine life on the ocean floor.

The waters are deep spaces where you can find many valuable objects and unique treasures. But do you know what you can do to enhance your experience? Yes, that’s right; use metal detectors!

What’s more exciting than exploring underwater with a metal detector — like going on a treasure hunt? You might discover precious items and have fun through this exciting process.

It is fascinating since marine depths get filled with exciting things. You’re sure to enjoy it if you are an adrenaline enthusiast.

So, do you want a reliable, good metal detector? Try 750 Underwater Metal Detector, which comes with a Vibration and LCD Detection Indicator.

If you want to know more about how this product works, its features, and other essential details, continue reading this review as we uncover some exciting characteristics of this underwater metal detector.

PI-iKing TM 750 Underwater Metal Detector: An Overview

If you are looking for a quality metal detector with vibration and liquid crystal display (LCD) detection, this would be the perfect detector for you. You must check out the PI-iKing 750 PI Probe Waterproof Pulse Induction Metal Detector from the VVinRC store on Amazon.

You will find that a quality metal detector can detect all kinds of metal, should be completely waterproof, and have proper pulse induction.

PI-iKing 750 PI Probe Waterproof Pulse Induction Metal Detector fulfills all the essentials you expect from a metal detector for an enjoyable scuba diving experience.

The detector can detect to a depth of 100 feet and operates on pulse induction (Pi) technology. In addition, the TM 750 detector has an excellent design, comfort, and grip. So if you are on the lookout for a perfect assessable metal detector, this 750 scuba diving underwater detector is the best.

Moreover, the detector is adept at finding your targets and can easily detect with its pointer. It also recognizes tilting and has an on-off feature. Also, the underwater sensors come with a battery-powered system.

Although the product packaging does not display any batteries, this metal detecting pinpointer requires 9 V batteries for functioning.

Furthermore, it has unique features like automatic tuning, vibration, and lightning detection capabilities with Vibra-iKing 750 signals, which helps envision an incredible underwater diving experience.

Also, the metal detectors have multi-application features, making them a helpful purchase even when you are not scuba diving.

PI-Viking Technology

One of the significant features of using this TM 750 metal detector is that it operates on pulse induction (PI) technology. You must have noticed that pulse induction technology’s main feature makes the metal detector spot metals and other objects in water, soil, or land.

Quality metal detectors having this PI-probe facility can perform advanced searches as this works fine even when you do not move the pointer. This scuba diving tool is one of the best as its pulse detecting meter is of the best quality and can be used for professional scuba divers.

These detectors operate by sending high voltage pulses, which pick up signals from the ground. So, these voltages give signals whenever there is any metal discovered. They can produce responses even in slight movements when there are any metals nearby.

When it detects metal, you’ll notice that the voltage increases, and it takes time to go back to zero. On the other hand, if you don’t find any metals, the voltage decreases uniformly.

Moreover, different metals send off diverging signals as they first touch the metal material.

Thus, the pulse detectors do depth detection readings better, especially underwater, compared to the other detector types like very low frequency (VLF) detectors.

Also, another advantage of using these PI-metal detectors is that you can ignore the minerals and other salt or freshwaters. Scuba divers mainly detect using the visual LCD detector, and TM 750 signaling vibrations give the pointer a clear seeing advantage.

Furthermore, the detectors come with an on and off feature. It can be tilted to identify the right degree of placement of the object.

What’s in the Box

You can find the detector comes with many unique features and operation options. However, these scuba diving metal detectors arrive in a single-piece box that contains the following.

  • One metal handheld pinpointing detector (does not include batteries)

Specifications of the TM 750 Underwater Metal Detector

The scuba diving metal detector is unique in its specifications and characteristics. Let’s look at what this product offers.

  • Waterproof Protection: 30 meters deep
  • Frequency: 20.28 kHz
  • Standby Current: 10mA
  • Maximum Current it can handle:  130 mA
  • The voltage produced: 9 V Battery (Not included)
  • Sensitivity: US 25/50 Cent: 50 m
  • One Coin or Metal object: 60 mm
  • Indication Mode: Vibrate Mode and LED Mode

Highlights and Features

When you look into the construction, design, and operation features of these metal detectors, they stand out from the rest. The metal detector is reliable and durable as it’s made from high-quality materials. Some of the features include the following.

Complete Waterproof Protection to 30 mm

When you are diving underwater, you don’t want your metal detectors to stop working. The deeper you can go with the metal detectors, the more objects you will find in the marine environment.

So, this TM 750 underwater metal detector provides a quality waterproof state of art-held pin-pointer. Moreover, these are constructed with unique seals which are suitable for metal detecting in any atmospheric settings.

They can go to an impressive 100 m depth without facing any issues. Also, the waterproof construction design rises in its frequency when the vibration pulses strike.

Vibration Facility and Indicator Lighting

This scuba diving metal detector comes with a vibration LCD detection indicator that can send about 750 signals. So, you can witness vibrations and flashes of bright blue light to make you notice these signals quickly and distinguish between them.

Moreover, they have an indication on/off LED detector, which strikes white when it is on.

Tilt On/Off Setting

The metal detector’s Vibra-iKing 750 feature makes it easy to tilt on or off rather than deal with the complex push-button settings. So, this way, you can tilt the handle to any degree to switch it on and spot the metals.

Also, the built-in low battery sensor gives you alerts when the battery is low.

Can Easily Target Distances

The metal detectors are equipped with automatic tuning features to quickly target any ranges in any environment, whether freshwater or saltwater.

Their signals indicate the vibration pulses. Then, there is an increase in frequency to notice precision pinpointing as the probe tip approaches the target object.

Moreover, metal detection occurs through the detection coil, which pinpoints and helps in expanding the distance surfaces to detect.

Metal Detector Construction

Appropriately sealed with stainless steel metal, the metal detector has a firm grip and a safe built-in battery compartment. So, when you want to install batteries, you can do so by tightening the sealing cover, adding the battery compartment, and putting it back again.

The metal detector weighs 1.1 pounds, coming with a length of 18.27 inches pin-pointer, breadth of 4.09 inches, and height of 3.94 inches.

Moreover, other than the detection coil and indication, the metal detector is designed with a long detecting stem and durable handle. Here, the handle is covered with a wrist strap for better grip and to prevent falling.


  • Complete waterproof protection
  • Can detect metals up to 100 feet and pick objects easily
  • Durable and made with stainless steel hardware which makes it long-lasting
  • Tunable 750 sensing vibrations
  • Pulse detecting PI-probe
  • Safe construction and design
  • Can detect at any angle
  • Portable and multi-purposeful
  • Strong anti-skid handle grip
  • LCD sensors that show different light colors like white and blue and can also indicate when its battery is low


  • Doesn’t float or sink
  • Not made with very low frequencies (VLF)
  • Packaging is poor

How to Use the 750 Underwater Metal Detector

For using this metal detector, you need to hold the handle of the sensor in a vertical position and wait for the machine to vibrate in a few seconds. Then, the middle light on the probe will get switched on.

In the same way, keeping it in a vertical position will turn it off. While you are detecting, you need to remember that you won’t experience any sounds other than vibration remainders.

Final Verdict

Underwater scuba diving gives a joyful experience and is an excellent choice for a recreational sport. You can enhance this experience by notching up the game with quality metal detectors. In addition, they’ll make you love this sport ten times more with their fun hunting features.

While doing so, you can find coins, jewelry, gold, and other valuable collectibles. Regardless of whatever you see, you will enjoy the experience of doing so.

Using the VVinRC brand’s 750 Underwater Metal Detector would, without doubt, bring more fun and excitement to your discoveries.

Also, it will make it easy for you with its various advantageous features and pulse induction technology. Therefore, you can remain assured that you won’t regret investing in this product.

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