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Cressi MC9-SC / Compact Pro Regulator – Review 

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Cressi MC9-SC

Regulators are one of the most important parts of a diver’s equipment. Thanks to these tools, we’re able to breathe underwater comfortably. They do this by taking all the high pressure from the tank and regulating it, allowing us to breathe the gas contents depending on the current water pressure we’re currently diving in. Although this is essentially how all regulators work, there are many options in the market, and they all offer a differential factor.

This article is for you if you want a new regulator and are interested in the Cressi MC9-SC / Compact Pro. We’ll review the different factors that make this regulator a good choice and the bad points you should keep in mind while you’re using it.


The MC9-SC / Compact Pro is a balanced diaphragm regulator. Thus, it is highly sensitive to pressure changes while also being quite simple and inexpensive. Besides the main product, the packaging includes the following items:

  • Two high-pressure ports
  • Four low-pressure ports
  • You can alternate between DIN and yoke valves
  • The whole product weighs 798g

The general specs of this regulator are the following:

  • It can be used in cold water (certified)
  • If you opt for the DIN valve, it will have a weight of 0.8kg or 1.8lbs
  • If you opt for the Yoke valve, it will have a weight of 0.9kg or 2.0lbs
  • Additionally, it is compatible with EAN at 40%

While these are the main specifications of this regulator, there are more things you should know about it. In the following sections, we’ll describe further the functioning and capabilities of the Cressi MC9-SC.


Before we start, it is necessary to note that regulators are sold separately:

  • The main package contains the first stage and the primary second stage.
  • Then, you’ll have to buy the rest of the parts separately, including the alternative second stage, aka “octopus” and gauges.

The Cressi MC9-SC / Compact Pro doesn’t go too far from this concept. This regulator has been created for cold water, and it’s available at an affordable price. As per usual, the main differences are between the first and second stages, which are explained below.

First stage


  • It has a balanced diaphragm.
  • It’s environmentally sealed.
  • It combines stainless steel, chromium-plated brass and thermoplastic resin within its structure.
  • It’s compatible with Nitrox.
  • It features a hyper-balancing system.

THE FIRST STAGE OF the MC9-SC Compact Pro combines multiple aspects, including stainless steel, chromium-plated brass, and thermoplastic resins. Still, the whole thing manages to be a light and compact structure, which is evidenced by the total weight explained above.

The first stage is also equipped with a balanced diaphragm, which has been environmentally sealed so the regulator can work without problems in waters below 10ºC. 

It is also highly suitable for all types of diving thanks to the high-pressure and low-pressure ports. You can opt for Yoke or DIN connections based on your tank connection.

Second Stage


  • It has a downstream system.
  • Highly adjustable inhalation adjustment.
  • It has a technopolymer structure.
  • The anti-scratch surface provides it with more durability.
  • It features a large purge button.
  • Includes an orthodontic mouthpiece.
  • It’s compatible with Nitrox.

As for the second stage, it is built on Thermoconductive Thermoplastic Neopolymer. Therefore, it is capable of transferring heat, like metal does, while also being highly flexible in design and resistant to chemicals as thermoplastic is. It also preserves the physical and mechanical capacities of traditional thermoplastic. The second stage has a width of 6 cm, making it quite easy to store.

This combination of factors makes the MC9-SC / Compact Pro versatile and lightweight. Furthermore, its heat conductivity is similar to those found in metal cases.

The second stage contains a large purge button, ensuring ease of use in addition to the stainless-steel cover. Furthermore, it includes an adjustable venturi system, allowing you to control the airflow and granting you a comfortable suit based on your preferences.

This stage is also equipped with an anti-scratch surface, which grants it more durability and protection against abrasion.

Advantages & Disadvantages

While the MC9-SC Compact Pro regulator can be an excellent option for all kinds of divers out there, that doesn’t mean it is the perfect choice at all times. Here we have the pros and cons of using this regulator.

Pros ✔️Cons ❌
It is quite versatile and covers a wide range of uses ✔️It is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for traveling ✔️You can use it as DIN or Yoke ✔️It can be used in cold water ✔️Its two high-pressure ports allow wireless dive computer air integration ✔️It’s available at an affordable price ✔️The mouthpiece can be small for certain users ❌

There are more pros than cons regarding the MC9-SC / Compact Pro regulator, making it an excellent purchase for any diver out there. Therefore, if you’re looking for a new scuba diver regulator, this option can perfectly replace the unit you have in use at the moment.

The Cressi MC9-SC / Compact Pro is an excellent choice for travelers, but it can be used by pretty much any kind of diver out there. It is equally good in warm and cold waters.

This regulator has been designed to help the user reduce jaw fatigue. This is evidenced in its weight and its thermoplastic build. However, its functioning doesn’t go too far from what you’re used to – you can get started with it as you would with any other regulator in the market. It has an intuitive, user-friendly design that, combined with its compact size, makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced divers.

Many people can benefit from using the Cressi MC9-SC / Compact Pro Regulator It is a very versatile option!

Cressi MC9-SC / Compact Pro Regulator – Key considerations

If this regulator has caught your eye, we highly recommend checking out the Octopus Compact by Cressi if you’d like to take as much advantage as possible of the whole unit. You can use it with pretty much any other octopus you may have around, but having matching parts will provide you with more security when it comes to functionality and protection.

Other than that, the Cressi MC9-SC / Compact Pro still has the same vulnerabilities that regulators of this kind often have, such as fragility. Still, hundreds of satisfied customers can confirm that the Cressi MC9-SC is an excellent choice that can be useful for you in multiple situations.


If you’re looking for a new scuba diving regulator, the MC9-SC / Compact Pro is one of the best options you can choose. It is affordable, lightweight and its design ensures you take as much advantage of it as possible while providing you with the utmost comfort. 

You will be able to use the MC9-SC / Compact Pro in warm and cold waters without problems while also being able to alternate between DIN or Yoke as you find it most convenient. This level of customization is not available in all regulators.

All of these features are available for you at an affordable price. Therefore, if you’d like a scuba diver regulator that offers you value for the money, this is one of the best options you can choose.

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