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Should You Buy Shearwater Teric?

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A Dive computer is a piece of incredible equipment for divers that comes with various features. It displays necessary information, such as diving time and depth. Shearwater Teric takes this to a whole new level.

Shearwater brings you a dive computer in the form of a watch. Does this small-sized watch keep up to a regular dive computer’s function?

Brace yourself because Shearwater Teric can perform not only that but is programmed to do much more. From recreational to serious tech diving, it is the perfect companion for divers. With Bluetooth, Shearwater Cloud, and numerous customizable options, it is almost revolutionary.

Read on to know all about Shearwater Teric.

Why Do You Need A Dive Computer?

Back in the day, divers used to consult dive tables for hours together before diving. Modern technologies have made it much easier and quicker. Dive computers were introduced to do most of this job. While these were expensive and large, modern dive computers are much more affordable and smaller.

The dive computer in the watch displays data essential for safe diving sessions. It shows the underwater depth and time required for your safe return. The additional features include safety stops and alarms. Warnings are given when you are around hazardous nitrogen levels.

This diving information is stored in your dive computer’s memory log. Additional information on the water temperature, diving profiles can also be accessed. In this way, dive computers have become the chief equipment for many divers.

Shearwater Teric

Shearwater Teric gets made by Canada’s Shearwater Research. This watch is a technical dive computergiving detailed information on diving time, depth analysis, and required stops. Shearwater Teric covers all diving needs in one wristwatch.

Diving watches are usually known to be less functional with low-quality displays due to their small sizes. Shearwater Teric shatters these restraints and bringsincredible features in a compact watch.

  • It comes with a crisp AMOLED display.
  • With bright and vivid colors, its readability is commendable.
  • Moreover, you can customize its display. Fonts and color schemes can be adjusted for optimum underwater visibility.
  • It comes with smart technology that is easy to control underwater. A single touch can give divers access to its customized functions.

Standout Features

Shearwater Teric stands out from other dive computers for a multitude of reasons. Some of the features that make it advanced and compatible like no other dive computer are:

1.    Five Diving Modes

Shearwater Teric may look tiny, but it has five built-in diving modes. These are OC recreational, OC Technical, Gauge, CC/BO, and free dive. There is no need for different dive computers. You’re all set with one Shearwater Teric for various purposes.

All five diving modes come with two layouts that can be customized. They can be programmed to different gases. OC technical can have trimix, air, or Nitrox. With OC recreational, you can opt for Nitrox or air. You can switch the CC/BO mode manually or automatically between 5 diluent gases.

The dive modes come with preprogrammed free dive sets. You can set your customized alerts according to the type of freediving you undertake.

It uses the Buhlmann ZHL – 16C algorithm like many other Shearwater products. It makes it easily configurable of tanks according to the diving modes.

2.    Optional Air Integration

The dive watch supports air integration or hoseless gas-pressure integration, Which you can connect wirelessly with 1 or 2 air transmitters. It allows you to monitor the pressure of the air tanks. This air integration is accessible with all five modes of Shearwater Teric.

An additional advantage of Shearwater Teric is that it permanently pairs with the transmitter. You need not have to worry about waiting for it to sync with every tank switch. You can also select which transmitter information your home screen must display.

Shearwater Teric also calculates the GTR (Gas Time Remaining). It recalculates according to your swimming speed. Prior warnings flash when your gas time runs out. It gives constant reminders well ahead to ensure your safety.

3.    Wireless Charging

Shearwater Teric comes with a wireless and rechargeable battery. It also comes with an induction charging stand that is wireless. You can charge it with a Qi compliant charger as well.

In this way, you can use only one wireless charger for both your phone and your Shearwater Teric. It helps while traveling. There would be no need to stuff extra chargers in your backpack anymore!

The rechargeable battery can work up to 30 hours for typical diving. It can also go up to 50 hours according to the features you switch on.   

4.    Dive Log Menu

Shearwater Teric’s Dive Log menu is useful for divers. You can quickly access detailed information on graphs, water temperature, depth, air pressure, time intervals, and much more.

You can smoothly obtain all this information with a single touch. It comes integrated with Smart Bluetooth technology. You can set it to upload all this data to your laptop or smartphone automatically.

Moreover, it has a massive dive log storage capacity of about 500 hours. You can enjoy your diving without worrying about its storage capacity.

5.    Cloud Control

You can automatically sync all your dive information from Shearwater Teric to the Shearwater Cloud app. Additionally, you can access this app on your computer or phone.

You can then synchronize, review, and edit your dive logs conveniently. There is also the option to update the firmware. Moreover, it comes in different languages. You can easily change it according to your preference.

Other Customizable Features

You can customize the Shearwater Teric watch as per your requirements and style. The original comes with a black strap made of siliconthat is sturdy yet stretchy.

You can swap this black strap with five more colors, including pink and blue. You can match it with your diving suit. Moreover, these straps come in the standard size of 22 mm. So, you could easily add more strap variants to your Shearwater Teric.

Another customizable feature is its display. Shearwater Teric has 15 color schemes, with its home screen having two layouts: standard and large. You can customize which information you would like to see on your home screen while diving.

Any other information is still accessible with just one scroll. You can check out the depth, temperature, and just about any diving information. Its function button can give you access to your most-used tools such as compass or Gas Time Remaining.

All these features sound good but with such multiple functions, does it get complicated? Shearwater Teric makes sure to simplify it for you. Its four buttons make navigation easier. Each of them comes with hint icons that tell you their functions.

How Does It Ensure Your Safety?

It is crucial to choose the diving equipment that ensures your safety. All Shearwater products are renowned among the safest in the market. Shearwater Teric stands true to this reputation.

Shearwater Teric has several built-in safety features, including two different alarms. One is audible, while the other is haptic. These efficiently alert the diver of low air, depth, and many other aspects.

You can turn them off as well. It is beneficial for divers and spearfishers who do not want to make noise. Additionally, you can set it for freediving. It then alerts you when you reach a particular time or depth.

Another safety feature to note is the warning display. The vivid display screen shows alerts in red, yellow, and green according to their intensity. These warnings indicate crucial information, such as less decompression time, ppO2, and many other alerts. 

Experiences divers can also set their safety stops. It would not lock you off in case you violate these safety stops. Its Buhlmann algorithm enables you to see gradient factors of different levels. These technical diving features make Shearwater Teric reliable when it comes to safety.

Any Drawbacks?

Shearwater Teric is not one of the cheapest dive computers in the market. You can, however, be assured that it is worth its price. It does not come with a heart rate monitor. When compared to large screen dive computers, it displays fewer data at a time. Apart from this, the Shearwater Teric is very user-friendly.

After-Sales and Service Support

Shearwater has reputed customer service. It may be headquartered in Canada, but its service centers are available globally. In case any issue arises, your nearest Shearwater services will immediately help you out.

You also get regular updates of firmware for free. They upload through Bluetooth from the Shearwater Cloud app, which you can access through your desktop or smartphone.

Final Thoughts

Shearwater Teric is undoubtedly one of the best dive computers out there. All its excellent and useful features are packed into a wristwatch. Its customizable features make it stand out from the other dive computers. You can make it your perfect diving companion by customizing it according to your needs.

Moreover, it is effortlessly stylish. You can wear it even after your diving. Whether you are a recreational diver, free diver, or a dedicated tech diver, you can never go wrong with a Shearwater Teric!

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