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The Remarkable Shearwater Perdix AI And Why We Love And Recommend It

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Shearwater Perdix AI

Dive computers have been growing in popularity among marine enthusiasts for credible reasons.

On the one hand, dive computers provide useful information about the dive profile and the findings of the journey. On the other hand, these computers are primarily programmed to guide underwater divers to find an effective way back to the surface.

The key components that make dive computers so essential are the algorithms they are programmed with, their display, sensors, processor, alarms, and battery. All these components, including a couple more, work in tandem to protect the diver from decompression sickness.

One such extraordinary product that is nascent but remarkable is the Shearwater Perdix AI. This dive computer has won the hearts of many divers due to its comprehensive functions and exemplary performance.

What makes it such a noteworthy dive computer that sets itself apart from other devices is what we will explore in this article.

All About Shearwater Perdix AI

Despite being new to the market, Shearwater has brought outstanding products to the recreational diving sector. Though primarily meant for hobbyist divers, many serious marine enthusiasts have also considered it for their use. Shearwater products are extraordinary in that way.

But what truly sets Shearwater’s Perdix AI is the air integration pair with wireless features that hadn’t available in the older products.

Shearwater’s Perdix AI is a decompression dive computer. It is a compact and convenient diver device that has been made even more straightforward to use. The bright and adjustable display, the easy-to-understand algorithms with the robust product have become a favorite among divers.

Here’s what the Shearwater Perdix AI comes with.

Features of Shearwater Perdix AI

CC/OC Dive Modes

Even though the Perdix AI was made keeping recreational divers in mind, there’s a lot that serious divers can avail of. Look at Open Circuit and Closed Circuits modes, for example.

OC and CC dive modes are the different types of diving styles that suit the different types of gas mixes, 5, in particular, when diving into the sea. This thus enables the air integration value of the device.

These two are mere examples only. The Perdix AI arrives with Recreational and Technical Open Circuit, Closed Circuit/Bailout, and Gauge dive modes.

Optional Air Integration

Air integration refers to the feature of dive computers to handle many gases at once, thereby integrating it with the system. The connected processor measures and calculates the needed data for the dive.

AI is one of the most distinguishable features of Perdix AI. It refers to the ability of this new device to be paired with a variety of gas mixes and of coupling them with two kinds of transmitters. These transmitters then monitor the different tanks of gases being used.

The improved algorithm will automatically calculate tank pressure and the amount of gas that is remaining in the tank. Those who do not want to use the transmitters can still use the Perdix AI to its fullest, like in cases of no-stop, single tank diving.

Improved Display

Display builds up the better part of the device due to the number of importance displays have in diving journeys. Displays and screens show important information such as the amount of gas left, the compass direction, the modes of diving, and the dive logs, to name a few.

It is thus essential to note the display while purchasing a dive computer.

The Shearwater’s Perdix AI has a bright, adjustable, customizable, and very convenient to use display. With its full 2’2” LED, LCD, HR display, the colors stand out, making it easier to tell the differences between modes and values shown on the screen.

It also automatically adjusts to the brightness of the surroundings, thanks to the computer’s sensors. Not only that, but the device already comes with a screen guard/protector to keep the scratches away.

Furthermore, the display is easily customizable. You can tailor and set the spaces for all the information you want to access while diving. Thus, everything is tailored for you, all while retaining its primary functions flawlessly. You can even change the language!

Compact and Convenient Design

The Perdix AI has a smooth and well-finished design. In comparison to the older models, the Perdix AI is also lighter and less thick than most of its predecessors.

Its well-engineered design brings texture and thereby grip to the diver. The minimal looking structure is very convenient but precise to use. All of its controls can be easily reached, and the touchpads are sturdy enough to endure the hardest of pressure. Its design is what allows for a two-button interface that simplifies the most complex of functions.


Couple with its regular buckles and straps, the Perdix AI supports another form of wearing the computer. It is called the ‘bungee style’ wrist movement.

The elastic tubing that is provided with the Shearwater kit manages to mount the watch on your wrist. The tubing can be easily affixed under the bottom of the screen and easily tied to the hand to make it easier for the diver to reach for the computer.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Cloud Access

 The new Perdix AI is equipped with Bluetooth controls that enable connection and communication with your other devices. These include your smartphones, Mac or Android, or your laptops and computers.

Whatever data log gets recorded by your dive computer can then be loaded onto your devices. This, therefore, also helps in lesser power consumption swallowed by storage space.

The dive computer can be connected to third-party apps like DeepBlue and not just the native app provided by Shearwater. The customization is endless and can easily be tailored to your needs.


Loaded with features like this, one might assume the battery might be short. However, Shearwater’s Perdix AI promises guaranteed 100+ hours of diving time.

What appeals to many divers about Perdix AI is that the battery is replaceable. The computer operates on a single AA battery, and the slot reserved for it is waterproof. The transmitter is also equipped to run on replaceable batteries and offers 300+ hours of usage time.

Other features

The less talked of features that make up this glorious device include the following.

  • Sensors

The sensors of the Perdix AI are accurate and detect all changes in the surroundings quickly. These are further loaded into the computer, where the data is processed to guide the diver safely.

  • 3-axis, tilt compensated, digital compass

The compass that accompanies this set up is stark and precise at all times. It can be used both on land and underwater.

  • Presets

The device is preset with the Buhlman GF algorithm, the most preferred kind of menu process by many divers. Alternatively, it is also loaded with an optional VPM-B algorithm.

  • Software and Firmware Updates

From the time of its launch, Shearwater has been regular and diligent with its software updates. It’s not just the software. The firmware is upgradable as well. Allowing the computer to last for years in both durability and relevancy.

  • Depth Rating

This refers to the depth into the ocean until which the diver can go. With Perdix AI, one can go up to 850ft.

What we think of Shearwater’s Perdix AI

We love it, and so do many of its users! Shearwater went over and above the expectations concerning the firmware, the versatility, and the strength of the computer. While it was built keeping leisure divers in mind, it serves a purpose for dedicated divers too.

A few other dive computers have shown the concern of locking out when a programmed dive point or a value is missed. The lockout phase cannot be broken until a set duration has passed, which manufactures usually set it for more than 24 hours.

While, on the one hand, this is necessary since violations are not necessarily desirable, it isn’t as useful to the diver. This becomes a problem when the diver is still underwater. Shearwater resolves this concern by effectively not locking out, even after a missed stop or a change in the ascent rate.

There are some elements of the device that fall a little short in some aspects.

The Perdix kit that brings the bungee mount latex tubing is not entirely up to its mark. There are concerns about its durability. It is nothing of great concern, as long as the guidelines mentioned in the user book provided with the kit are followed. That also includes the knotting style.

With the minimal number of buttons comes a risky responsibility. It takes more time to acquaint yourself with the computer. Risk-taking and leaving at the computer’s helm is not the way to go. Therefore it takes more time to learn dependency on Perdix AI.

Summing up

Shearwater’s Perdix AI is a complete package of features that perfectly work alongside each other. Perdix’s versatility and the means of upgrade enhance the customer experience and allow users to retain the product even if it out of stock.

However, worry not; Perdix AI isn’t going away anywhere anytime soon. Unless you’re not buying it, that is.

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