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Review of Aqualung i470TC

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AquaLung I470TC

Are you into scuba diving? Do you like going deep underwater? If so, you must have gathered all the required gear to cover your journey. Follow this review of the Aqualung i470TC

It is beautiful down there, and scuba divers like to record their dive sites and location, along with their progress and their dive buddies. This helps them keep a record of their work as well as their overall diving journey in life.

Adventure junkies always love staying connected and sharing their diving memories with the rest of the world via social media. For this, scuba divers very essentially need good dive computers to record their dive locations.

A waterproof watch-style dive computer on your wrist or in a console could be helpful. However, choosing the proper dive computer can be overwhelming. Worry not! We got you the perfect suit for your diving journey- the Aqualung i470TC.

The Aqualung i470TC has emerged in the market with an intuitive design, stylish among the dive computers at its range. What is so special about this one amidst them all? Let’s find out.

Aqualung i470TC: An Overview

The all-new i470TC by Aqualung has kept its competitors at bay with its intuitive and stylish design.

The Bluetooth communication feature is not the only connection, but you also have wireless air integration. Moreover, with the watch-style i470TC, it becomes convenient and secure to wear while also recording your diving journey.

When you think that that’s about it, it has brought up Aqualung’s free DiverLog+ app to operate the dive computer. With this app, you can wirelessly connect and manage the setting and dive logs on various devices.

With the app’s help, divers can easily share exciting dive memories and details along with their photos on social media. With the additional feature of the hose-less air integration, the four operating modes, gas switching abilities between three nitrox mixes and three transmitters, the i470TC offers a complete solution to your diving computer requirements.

Using your smart device, the DiverLog+ app, which is compatible with Android and iOS, lets you interact with your dive computer via Bluetooth Smart Technology. You can now remotely control the settings, log details, and profile data of your i470TC.

The four operating modes of Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and free-dive act as the highlights of the dive computer.

Additionally, you can use the device for more extended hours now that it is equipped with a changeable battery and data retention features. i470TC is compatible with globally available standard batteries and has the option to maintain the setting accordingly.

Moreover, the audible alarms and the bonus high-visibility LED warning lights of the diving computers to add to the diver’s security and safety. The history mode lets the diver save the last 24 dives, and with the press of a single button, you can access the previous dive display. 

IoT Device

The Bluetooth 4.0 features efficient functionality that make the diving computer the true Internet of Things (IoT) device. And like all Internet of Things, you can control and manage it from your smartphone.

You can change the setting of i470TC using the DiverLog+ app. With the app, Aqualung has made a unique selling point. IT is easy to connect and understand. Divers can easily share data, photos, and more using the app.

Three Gas Switches and Three Transmitters

With options available for up to three gases supported, you can switch between them according to the depth you decide in the water. i470TC can factor up to 100% oxygen. Additionally, you also have the option of three different transmitters, applicable for each gas you use while diving.

Technical divers are mostly found switching between gases to use 100% of oxygen. They prefer analog SPGs instead of transmitters due to technical errors with the latter. The i470TC portrays such efficiency in performance, especially for recreational divers.

Intuitive Menu Navigation

Aqualung has shown immense adeptness through the intuitive menu and navigation systems of the i470TC. It is now hassle-free to search for any information via the Internet of Things device.

With easy-to-manage settings, the i470TC becomes even more of a go-to choice for the divers.

Additionally, with the backlit features of the screen, it becomes much easier to dive in low-light conditions.

Switching Between Free-dive and Scuba Modes

With the options of free-dive and Scuba Modes available with the i470TC, you can switch between modes without lockouts. Unlike other dive computers that need you to wait for at least 24hours before switching, i470TC makes it simple for you.

However, for the i470TC, the computer is responsible for calculating the theoretical on-gassing in free-dive, enabling you to switch modes instantly.

While divers would know much better if it is recommended to free-dive after scuba diving, the dive computer works excellently in either case. Nevertheless, the device tracks your depth, time, and theoretical gas.

However, it should not be taken as a license to free-dive after scuba diving. Freediving after scuba diving is generally considered a bad idea, mainly because it impacts the diver’s existing inert gas load.

What’s In The Box

The package, when it arrives at your doorstep, includes the following:

  • A unit of the Aqualung i470TC
  • Digital Instruction Manual to help you understand the working of the dive computer easily
  • Safety Reference info for security purposes
  • DiverLog brochure to help you with the app
  • Quick Reference card in case you need a pocket info card
  • Lens Protector for your dive computer
  • Battery Compartment Opening tool for easy access to the changeable battery


  • Wireless Smart Technology: Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Four drive modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with timer), and free-dive
  • Mode Switch Features: Tracks data in free-dive mode, switch between free-dive and Scuba modes without lockouts
  • Battery: Standard User-replaceable battery
  • Gas Levels: Compatible with 100 percent O2
  • Gas Mixtures: Three gas switches possible
  • Transmitters: Pairs with three separate transmitters
  • Buttons: Single-button access to last dive’s data
  • Stop Functionality: Deep-stop function
  • Depth Precision: Rated to 328 feet/100 meters depth
  • History Mode: Stores last 24 dives
  • Lens: Lens protector included
  • Settings Management: Control computer settings via a smartphone app
  • Plan Mode: Pre-dive planning mode
  • Watch Functions: Lap timer, daily alarm, and countdown timer
  • Water Switch Settings: Salt and freshwater settings
  • Display Light: Backlit display for low light conditions
  • ALT Adjust: Automatic altitude adjustments
  • Warning Light: High visibility LED warning light

Features and Highlights

The list of features for the i470TC is a long one — effective, efficient, and practically useful. To begin with, the wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Technology lets you connect to another feature, the DiverLog+ app. This app is the main selling point of the Aqualung i470TC.

Using your smart devices, you can connect with the DiverLog+ app to interact with the dive computer to share your photos, dive details, Log, profile data, and whatnots. You even remotely control the setting of i470TC.

The four operating modes of the dive computer: Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer), and free-dive are the highlights of the i470TC by Aqualung.

You can now even retain all your dive data and use the dive computer for more extended periods with the standard user-changeable battery system of the computer.

Moreover, you can change between three gas mixtures and three transmitters that allow you to use up to 100% oxygen without restrictions.

As far as alarms are concerned, the Aqualung i470TC has audible alarms along with a high-visibility LED warning light for your safety. The single-button access enables you to display the last dive display. Additionally, the deep stop with a countdown timer adds to the security purposes.

The History Mode keeps a record of the last 24 dives, and you can also use the latest features and upgrades with the user-updatable software. The user-friendly interface allows you to preview the easy settings and updates.


  • Three transmitters
  • Three gas mixtures
  • DiverLog+ app and Bluetooth 4.0 functionality
  • Sleek design
  • Intuitive menu and navigation settings
  • Pre-dive planning mode
  • Multiple watch functions


  • No compass features
  • The strap isn’t wide enough

Final Verdict

With all the features that the Aqualung i470TC has in store for you, it becomes a good value for money. The compact mission control feels super lightweight on your wrist, and you can efficiently operate its settings and display options using the various modes available.

Divers are fond of using the various features of the Aqualung i470TC with the four modes of operation, three gas mixtures to switch between, and the DiverLog+ app features.

You can switch between the three gas mixtures using the three transmitters. The transmitters allow the divers to use up to 100% oxygen as per their depths to go into deep waters.

Additionally, the globally available user-changeable standard battery makes it easy to operate your i470TC anywhere and anytime without worrying about finding a compatible battery.

If you’d like to check one for yourself, you should soon check the Aqualung i470TC. You’d soon become a committed user of the Aqualung diving products.

Interested in a console dive computer instead? Check out the Aqualung I550C.

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