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Review of Aqualung i330R

by DiveMaster
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Aqualung I330R

Looking for a Scuba Diving Computer? Check out this Review of the Aqualung i330R.

All scuba divers realize the importance of a good dive computer. You like exploring the beauty of underwater, so it’s obvious to capture it to view it later as well.

The best dive computers are the ones that offer robust performance, are durable, reliable, and easy to use at the same time. Additionally, dive computers do more than what they are portrayed for. You get many other functionalities out of your dive computer.

All adventure junkies, there’s a piece of excellent news for you. Whether it’s a console, wrist, or watch-style computer, this blog introduces you to the unique i330R dive computer by Aqualung.

From surveying the incredible underwater world with its bright screen to operating it via a mobile app, the dive computer offers you a plethora of unique functionalities. What’s so great about this dive computer? Let’s find out.

Aqualung i330R: An Overview


All seasoned divers who are passionate about exploring the world via lenses rely on a good dive computer; Aqualung i330R is for you.

Even in bright sunlight, the bright screen color and the screen’s readability are only a few bits of its features. Furthermore, the rechargeable battery allows you to use the dive computer for more extended hours anywhere you like.

Aqualung i330R features three nitrox mixes, four modes, and the most necessary and useful Bluetooth connection. Not only is it practical but also worth the money.

You can further remain connected with your friend in any part of the world via the i330R. Moreover, the mobile app meant for this dive computer, the Diverlog+ app, enables you to share your adventure stories on social media from anywhere in the world.

What Makes Aqualung i330R Unique?

When you set the expectations high and look for a compact yet colorful dive computer, you are most probably looking for an expensive one. However, with the Aqualung i330R, that is not the case.

The ultra-bright color display, gas switching abilities, rechargeable battery, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, excellent finish, all mounted on a comfortable Nato strap, comes at a pretty affordable price.

The i330R is the winning fusion of all its features offered at the right cost compared to all the other dive computers at the same price.

With the help of only two buttons, you can take a tour of the i330R, previewing its options and updating it as you move forward.

For those who want to stay a step forward, you have the option of using the Diverlog+ app to make the required changes. The app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, using which you can simply upload the desired changes.

The application further allows you to download and share your dive profiles on social media platforms to connect with the world.

Aqualung i330R has four operating modes catering to all recreational divers: Nitrox, Air, Free Dive, and Gauge. It also features three gaseous mixes with the switching abilities for the ones who use decompression mixes (accelerated).

The dive computer is meant for occasional divers and hence, is a standard-setting model and does not support more complex settings or gas mixtures. It also does not support air integration (wireless). However, the price it comes in makes it a practical and valuable purchase.

Nato Strap

The comfortable, robust Nato strap made of nylon material wraps your wrist-mounted with the dive computer. This strap-on adds to the security when you are outside the water.

Aqualung follows the motto of Complex Made Easy and reflects the same in all its products indeed. The same is portrayed through the Nato strap-backed dive computer, the i330R.

With Aqualung i330R, recreational divers have unlimited access to convenient, user-friendly tech and connectivity at the ease of their fingertips. With the simplified, accurate, and reliable dive instrumentation by Aqualung, the divers are set for a safe exploration and discovery of the new.

Diverlog+ App

In the age of apps and buttons, how could Aqualung stay back in the race! The Smart wireless Bluetooth connectivity of the i330R allows you to connect and sync your data wirelessly using the Diverlog+ application.

With the app installed on your Android or iOS device, you can control your entire dive computer settings remotely, view your dive data, your profile, access notes, locations, and additional details.

Moreover, you can even share your progress using the app, along with your stats, memories, pictures, and dive locations on your social media pages.

You can easily download the dive data using Aqualung Bluetooth equipped i330R and upload your die setting from the app to the dive computer. You can update the device using smart Bluetooth connectivity.

The Diverlog+ app enables you to stay connected and share your diving journey with the world. You can share all the dive details, photos, video links on social media platforms and inspire aspirational adventure junkies.

Not only connect to peers, but the app also allows you to record your dive data easily. You can record conditions, elapsed time, computer settings, tank sizes and types, locations, gear, all in the DiverLog+ application.

The app features an electronic dive log signature. It allows you and all your dive buddies to sign your log and keep a record electronically.

You can search for any data, filtering by dive site, location, or the computer used to add the information. With the help of the mobile app, you can easily access and maintain your diving medical information and certification from the app.

One interesting feature is that, just like how you can access all your files from iCloud, even with DiverLog+, you can sync your data between the DiverLog+ app, DiverLog Desktop, and the DiveCloud backup system. You can access these files anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, there is the provision of extracting the data in any format you want and reviewing your profile in real-time.

What’s in the Box

As the box of Aqualung i330R arrives at your doorstep, you can expect to open up to the following set of equipment:

  • One piece of the i330R Dive Computer
  • Paper Safety Reference for security concerns
  • DiverLog Brochure to guide you through its working
  • Digital Instruction Manual to guide you through the setup
  • Quick Reference Card for your convenience
  • An Installed Lens Protector


Look for the following specs along with some more on the box of the i330R:

  • Max Depth both for Free and Dive Mode: 100 m (330 ft)
  • Max FO2 Setting: Starting from 21% to 100% Oxygen
  • Multiple Gas: Three gas mixtures available to switch between as per requirement
  • Max PO2: 1.1 to 1.6
  • History Mode: Allows you to record the last 24 dives
  • Download: Allows you to download all the dive details, from location, dive site to dive buddies, photos, etc.
  • Buttons Available: Two buttons to adjust the settings of the dive computer
  • Calendar: Comes with an automatic calendar feature
  • Battery Power Indicator: Keeps you updated with the battery longevity with a battery indicator
  • Display: IPS ultra-bright colorful display
  • Bluetooth: Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Smart Technology
  • Data Retention: You can retain data and sync in all dive computer and also maintain it online via DiveLog Cloud
  • Alarms: Multiple alarm facilities for various purposes, from the audible alarm to DTR, safety stop, and so on
  • Battery: rechargeable battery allowing longer hours functionality

Features and Highlights

Aqualung has done a great job introducing the i330R version of dive computers and curating the product with unique features.

The ultra-bright color display is readable even in ample sunlight. Moreover, it comes along with a lens protector.

With the 2-button navigation setting, you get an intuitive interface with the i330R. You can view the last dive parameters with the click of a single button. The History Mode records the previous 24 dives automatically.

The four modes for operating, namely, Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer), and the Free Dive, are among the highlights of the dive computer. In addition to that, the three gas mixtures enable the user to switch between gases underwater, ranging from 21% to 100% oxygen.

Use the dive computer for longer hours with its rechargeable battery and adjust the display’s brightness level to complement the battery life.

You can expand your dive computer features by downloading software updates online. The Bluetooth 5.0 data transfer feature allows you to move files between the computer and the DiverLog+ application.

You can now add location, notes, pictures and manage the advanced settings using the DiverLog+ application.

When you think that is it with the features, Aqualung amazes you with the surprise of all the features of the dive computer mounted on a Nato strap in the form of a wristwatch computer. The strap adds to the security and moisture-wicking, making diving and exploring more convenient for you.


  • Bluetooth access to data and settings
  • Easy-to-change rechargeable battery
  • Four diving modes
  • Gas switching abilities


  • Smaller screen
  • The two buttons can be hard to push when gloves are on underwater

Final Verdict

Aqualung i330R is, by far, the toughest competition to all the dive computers at its price. Aqualung has accomplished its mark in the dive gear market with its efficient products.

With the two-button adjustable dive computer and the rechargeable battery, diving becomes cooler and meaningful as you can store the information for a lifetime.

The four modes, the intuitive interface, and the DiverLog+ App for Android and iOS devices make it unique and exciting to all divers.

If you want one for yourself, go and check the features of the Aqualung i330R soon. You’ll quickly blend into Aqualung’s philosophy – Complex Made Easy – as you commit yourself to their dive gears.

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