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Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer Review

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Mares Puck Pro

What is a dive computer

Dive computers Like the Mares Puck Pro use a collection of algorithms to equate their decompression model to the data collected during the dive. They measure the amount of nitrogen concentration in the tissues to tell us how long we’ve been submerged. However, when dealing with data on each person’s underwater operation, this system can only provide accurate information on the diver. As a result, the dive machine eliminates human errors and improves the decompression table system with an exact estimate that displays warnings to assist you in avoiding accidents. Full review of the Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer.

How to choose one

Consider your diving level.

If you’re a novice, a small machine with a widescreen that’s simple to use is perfect. If you’re a professional diver, pay particular attention to the extra functionality and functions that your gear provides.

Readability and ease of use

A dive computer’s screen must be easy to read. Contains large digits with high-contrast colors. Backlit screens are also useful; they aid user experience and make handling more convenient.

Console or Wrist

There are basically two kinds of dive computers; wrist computers and console. Those on the wrist help us keep all of our vital information in our arms and consult it at a glance like the Mares Puck pro that’s comparable to hockey pucks in height. The console computer is a little bit bulky and placed on the ground while using it.

Your Budget

In recent years, the cost of diving computers has decreased dramatically. There are currently several coupons available that could allow you to buy one for lower prices below 160 dollars. Advanced features, such as air integration or an electronic compass, are also available on some devices. Unfortunately, the Mares Puck Pro doesn’t feature any of that. The most important thing is to place your interest in well-known brands and understand why you should use them.

Overview of the Mares Puck pro

The Mares Puck Pro is a mid-range dive computer introduced in 2008 featuring Marex RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model) algorithm. It is a nitrox dive device with a large backlit super intuitive interface and ergonomic design. Its highly competitive pricing is one of its selling points. And, indeed, it is the size of a hockey puck, as its name suggests. It features a small battery and can log files for a longer time. It is widely regarded as one of the most reliable dive computers among recreational and novice divers.

The main function of the Mares Puck pro computer

Because of the increased pressure, the nitrogen in the air you breathe melts into your tissues while scuba diving. The quicker the nitrogen melts, the more likely you are to suffer from decompression sickness. The Mares Puck pro computer keeps track of the dive’s depth and duration, as well as the amount of nitrogen dissolved in the body. It shows the diver how much time and how far he or she will go.

General specs

  • Readability: Simple and large display with large characters.
  • Features a mineral glass screen.
  • Backlight.
  • Ease of use: 1 button to navigate the menus.
  • Gas switching: Air and Nitrox mode (21 to 99%).
  •  Logbook capacity: 36 hours
  • Max depth displayed: 150m / 492 feet
  • Features Planning mode.
  • Depth meter mode.
  • Connectivity: Optional PC interface (USB dive link).
  • Features alarm that you can deactivate.
  • Manually adjustable water altitude and salinity. Up to 3,700m
  • Adjustable conservation level, 3 levels.
  • User-replaceable battery (CR 2450).


Build and Display: The Mares puck Pro is built with high-quality material. It’s durable and hard and measures 2 inches in diameter. It comes with a sizable Illuminated backlit display with large digits; the backlight can last for up to 10 seconds before it automatically goes off. This makes it easy to read and bold enough to grasp even underwater.

Dive features:

  • The decompression model used in the Puck pro is The Mares-Wienke RGBM Algorithm. The RGBM helps to prevent the forming of microbubbles. And helps to increase your safety in more conservative regions.
  • Mares Puck pro computer can dive to a depth of 492 feet (150 meters) with an adjustable altitude of up to 3,700 meters.
  • Gas switching: Air, nitrox, and gauge are the 3 operation modes available in the Puck pro. The Mares Puck Pro allows for 2 different gas mixtures to be used in a single dive, with oxygen amounts varying from 21% to 99%.  With the Nitrox, the Mares Puck Pro helps the diver customize the computer to the environmental conditions surrounding their diving operation, ensuring the most precise and secure profiles possible. You can change the sensitivity between 1.4 and 1.6 ppO2

Adjustable altitude and settings: Divers can adjust the stability level of the Mares Puck Pro. Puck pro can display data in metric or imperial units, and the temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Divers can also set the amount of oxygen in their Nitrox mix and the maximum ppO2 using the computer. You can adjust the altitude up to 3,700 meters.

Drive log memory: It features a 36-hour logbook memory space. This is really sizeable for your diving needs. Note that Divers doesn’t have the option of erasing the dive records, so they have to wait for the storage time to elapse before storing new ones. You can also store the records on your PC for reference.

One-button control: You can fully control this dive computer with just a single bottom-mounted button. The dive computer is well equipped for diving. And you can access all the features with a single button thanks to intelligent and intuitive logic.

Alarm: This machine has many warning notification sounds. It sounds the alarm whenever a diver climbs higher than the computer recommends. It will even beep whether you have skipped a decompression pause or if the dive’s battery is running low. The Mares Puck Pro lacks depth in its alarm.

Battery Life: The Puck Pro features a rechargeable CR2450 lithium-ion battery that can last several dives before the need for replacement arises. When the battery has a lot of juice, the battery icon does not light up; instead, it starts to blink when the battery is running low. The fact that this is a rechargeable battery means you’ll need to carry the charger alongside, but you must be highly vigilant when removing it from the charger. Some people may not even bother recharging it, and the battery can be replaced on the go.

Firmware update: The device’s firmware can be upgraded using the USB interface; always keep your machine up to date with the new Mares developments.

Connectivity: Your Mares pro dive computer comes with a USB interface through which you can log your dives into your personal computer. However, you have to buy the optional USB cable separate from the device.

Benefits of using a Mares Puck Pro

Easy to use

It’s easy to use Mares Puck Pro. The display is wide enough, and the information is displayed boldly. You can control the entire system with a single button. For repeated dives, it keeps track of your surface period and changes your no-decompression cap. All you have to do is remember to wear it on your wrist and interpret the information it provides correctly.


Although this dive computer is not totally mistake-proof, it does reduce the number of errors that can be made when interpreting dive decompression tables.

Guarantees your safety

When you reach the full depth, a Mares Puck Pro can sound a warning. It will ‘beep’ to remind you that you must control your ascent in the deep. This form of diversion can have serious effects, such as narcosis or even oxygen toxicity. Trusting a computer to measure the optimum depth depending on the mixture means that you are secured from such consequences.

Gives you more time in the deep

Normally, we would measure the amount of time spent at the bottom of the sea using a decompression table. Particularly if it is minimal, they are important in terms of both time and future stops. As a result, the tables cause us to dive deep, resulting in a shorter drive time than we would have had if we used a dive computer to schedule it. Mares Puck pro considers each specific descent and elevation, recalculating bottom time and potential pauses, thanks to its depth gauge. That is, it measures the amount of time you can remain in the water without running out of breath. You can get more time out of each dive if you do it this way.

Supports Nitrox

Scuba diving trips with Nitrox are becoming increasingly popular. Rather than having yet another series of charts, the Puck Pro allows you to determine the amount of oxygen you’re breathing, and the machine can measure the no-decompression cap accordingly.

Disadvantages of the Mares Puck pro

  • The one-button configuration could be the best feature of the Puck pro to some people; however, some may find it inconvenient.
  • It may be too bulky to use as a regular watch. That is if you care anyway.
  • It doesn’t feature a depth alarm, making it inconvenient for divers using a piece of medical equipment and must stay at those depths. Divers can, of course, keep a close eye on their heights during the dive rather than relying on a warning.
  • It doesn’t feature a compass and is not air compatible.

Availability and pricing

The Mares Puck Pro is available on Amazon and Skubastore for about 170 dollars. The Purk Pro Plus is over 60 dollars more expensive than this version. If you already owned a Purk Pro, I don’t see many reasons why you have to abandon your Purk Pro for the newer Plus version.

Buy now on Amazon.

Final thoughts

  • The Mares Puck Pro needs to be maintained regularly. The users themselves can update the software.
  • Before any dive, double-check the computer’s status.
  • Interpret your Mares Puck pro data vertically, not inverted. Most computers with digital numbers may generate wrong results if they are not read this way.
  • It’s also crucial that the device is not placed in a tightly sealed container when diving. This could create an error in the ambient pressure sensor, which dynamically adjusts atmospheric conditions.
  •  During the dive, take a look at it now and then – that’s a good habit in using diving computers.
  • It’s still a good idea to have decompression tables, a watch, and a pressure gauge on hand if the Mares Puck pro fails in the deep; anything can happen, and it’s best to be safe on all sides.
  • You’ll need the controller cable and a screwdriver of the appropriate size to replace the battery.
  • It’s better to get a Puck pro battery pack to avoid making any mistakes.
  • Every two years, you should service your computer, and every three years, the pressure sensor should be inspected by the manufacturer.
  • The Mares Puck Pro is basically the same spec as the Puck pro plus, except for some additional features in the plus version, like the Bluetooth clip connector, which eliminates the need for a USB connector for transferring your log files.
  • It’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safety checks. As stated in its manual.

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