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AquaLung I770R: The Best Dive Computer For Your Perfect Dive

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If you are a professional scuba diver, you must be well-versed with a piece of incredible diving equipment that is a dive computer. This machine gives you real-time information about the depth and time that helps you to dive well. It also makes you aware of your decompression stops and ascent rates that make it even more beneficial.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an advanced tech-savvy diver, the first challenge is an intimidating one. Purchasing your first or subsequent dive computers from the market overflowed with various products is a nerve-racking task. You will come across different devices with a variety of specifications that will render your job of selecting the ideal dive computer tough.

Therefore, after extensive research and comparison, we have picked up the best dive computer for you that is AquaLung I770R. This equipment will enhance your diving experience. Read on to get a detailed review of this product.

An Overview Of AquaLung

Do you know who introduced the word scuba diving to the world? It was AquaLung when they first invented their “aqua-lung demand regulator” in 1943. Since then, they are continuously dominating the market with their innovative and excellent scuba diving equipment. 

AquaLung is known as the diver’s choice due to its comfortable, safe, quality, and tech-driven designs. They offer products for all diving styles. Whether you plan to dive into a nearby lake for the weekend or plunge into some exotic seawater, AquaLung can elevate your underwater experience to the next level.

Out of all their unique products, we will be reviewing one of their excellent dive computer – AquaLung I770R. Keep reading to dive into the unique specifications of this device.

A Comprehensive Review Of AquaLung I770R

If you seek a user-friendly and handy dive computer offering extraordinary technical features, then AquaLung I770R is a perfect choice. It comes with an ultra-bright TFT color screen, making it easy for your eyes to monitor the time and depth on the display screen. You do not have to squint or stress much, even in gloomy locations.

If you are tech-savvy and a social media freak diver, then you would undoubtedly love this product brought into the markets by AquaLung. It features Bluetooth connectivity, and it is compatible with DiverLog+app that allows you to either store or share your videos and photos of the dive.

What’s more? This device has some outstanding features that will leave you speechless. Let us discuss each of the specifications of this dive computer separately to give you detailed information about it.

Features Of AquaLung I770R

Without any further ado, let us directly dive into the features of this fantastic dive computer.

1.    Display Screen

The AquaLung I770R features a thin film transistor (TFT) color screen with high contrast and ultra-bright display for more precise and crisper visuals. Whether you are under the scorching sun or dim and shadowy cavern, this display screen will not upset you at all.

The best part about the display screen is that this dive computer comes with an auto-dim functionality. It allows you to adjust the brightness of your screen as per your preferences. You can also set the timer for the screen to a particular brightness level that it will automatically shift to at the dictated time. Thus, apart from a visible screen, AquaLung has also found the solution for saving battery life.

It has an easy-to-use interface with three navigating buttons that help you play with different settings and updates incorporated on your devices.

2.    Wireless Gas Integration

The AquaLung has integrated its patented gas time remaining algorithm in this device to calculate and monitor the gas pressure and gas time remaining for you. It displays the predictions on your devices’ screen. This feature is decisively useful, and knowing the remaining time you can continue deep down the water is impressive.

The I770R dive computer is compatible with four different hoseless transmitters and nitrox mixes. You do not have to connect your transmitters with the device every time you go for dive. All you have to do is pair your transmitters with I770R once, and it is paired for a lifetime.

The device will keep you alerting for all the non-feasible situations like low battery level, less remaining gas time, or low transmitter voltage level.

3.    Power And Battery

The I770R employs a rechargeable lithium battery to run that can perform up to 30 hours at 100% brightness level if fully charged. You can keep an eye on the battery level as the device indicate it on the screen. It will even warn you once the battery’s power will start getting down. 

Though the dive computer comes with a USB charger, it is a standard adaptor, so you can use any USB charger to power up your I770R. If you use a wall charger, you will be able to charge the battery within 1.5 to 2 hours, which is pretty good for 30 hours of working time.

4.    Bluetooth Connectivity and Free Diverlog+App

You can effortlessly connect your smartphone or tablet with the AquaLung I770R by using its Bluetooth feature. This aids you to update the settings of your dive computer through your smart device.

You only have to download the DiverLog+app on your phone for managing your computer. This app is available for both iOS and Android. The app and the Bluetooth connectivity help you upload any update on the dive computer to keep it up to date with new features.

Also, as discussed earlier, if you are a social media buff, the diverlog+app will help you to share all your diving experience in the form of photos and videos.

5.    Additional Features

The AquaLung I770R dive computer is flooded with excellent features and specifications. So it becomes impossible to list down each of them in detail here. However, we are mentioning a few of them below in brief to give you a basic idea about them.

  • Audible alarms and colored backgrounds for warnings
  • Safety Stop Countdown expressed in minutes and seconds
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Four operating modes: Gauge, Air, Nitrox, and Free Dive
  • Compass-bearing lock for uncomplicated navigation
  • Pre-Dive planning feature
  • Salt or freshwater dive selection
  • Alarm menu provides different alarm features to have control like maximum depth alarm or dive time remaining alarm

What’s In The Box?

Once you are done examining the features and specifications of any product, the next thing that excites you most is the accessories. Do not worry. AquaLung is not going to disappoint you in any way. They offer a range of equipment and accessories inside the box with this incredible dive computer. Let us have a look at all those accessories.

  • NATO Wrist Band – You can use this wrist band to wear the dive computer on your wrist comfortably.
  • Bungee Kit – You can use the bungee mount to secure the device with your suit.
  • Lens Protector – You should definitely use this lens protector to protect your display screen from any damage.
  • Download/Charging Cable – This is a standard USB charging cable that you can use to power up your device in just a few hours.
  • Paper Safety Reference – The safety references will be made available to you.
  • Digital Instruction Manual – You can use this digital manual to understand every feature of the drive computer in detail.
  • DiverLog+Brochure – The Diverlog app is free. Further details of the app get mentioned in the brochure that comes with the device.
  • Quick Reference Card – This card gives you the idea about navigating through the menu.

Pros And Cons Of AquaLung I770R

Finally, we should also have a look at the pros and cons of this dive computer. It will help give you a better idea of the product, and you will be able to make an informed decision.


  • The most convenient and user-friendly dive computer you will ever use.
  • The TFT screen for bright and clear vision underwater.
  • Max Depth (Dive and Free Mode) is 100m / 330 ft.
  • The audible alarms are the best thing that warns you about any unfavorable condition.
  • The battery life span is pretty good for long and deep diving.


  • The display screen may drain the battery power. However, adjusting it at a low level can conserve energy.
  • No preview or shortcut screen is available on the monitor.


This easy to use and technology-driven dive computer is a piece of must-have equipment for every die-hard fan of scuba diving. AquaLung I770R enables you to have fun in a range of underwater environments. The fantastic display features of this dive computer help you in diving in dark and shadowy backgrounds. Thus, it can be the best choice for night divers.

We hope our efforts to put a comprehensive review of the best dive computers in front of you was worth your time. AquaLung I770R can be everything you need in a dive computer, so you should definitely check out this product.

We wish you the most breathtaking underwater experiences!

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