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Should You Buy AquaLung i550C?[Detailed Review]

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Aqualung I550c

Divers gear up with many pieces of equipment for safety. A dive computer is one of the essential equipment for a diver’s safety. It displays important information, such as diving time and depth. Nowadays, they come with several additional features. So, what makes Aqua Lung i550C stand out from other dive computers?

AquaLung i550C stands out for its rugged and straightforward approach. It is known to be extremely easy to use. From amateur divers to professional divers, the Aqua Lung i550C works perfectly for both. With an additional compass, dive modes, and backlight technology, Aqua Lung i550C makes a good diving companion. Read on to know all about Aqua Lung i550C.

Why Do You Need A Dive Computer?

Before the era of dive computers, divers had to spend hours together to consult dive tables before diving. Modern technologies have made it much easier and quicker. With the introduction of dive computers, they have taken over this task and much more. Modern dive computers are smaller and affordable.

A dive computer displays essential information required for safe diving. It tracks the depth and time of every dive as well as between dives. Additionally, it keeps you aware of the underwater nitrogen saturation.

Dive computers help in ensuring a safe dive for you. The device features safety stops and alarms. These keep you aware of the acceptable safety limit.

The computer consists of a memory log which is responsible for storing all the diving-related data. You can also access additional information on diving profiles and the water temperature. In this way, dive computers have become vital equipment for many divers.

AquaLung i550C

AquaLung i550C is one of the most versatile dive computers available in the market. Its two-button interface is straightforward to use. It gives detailed information on diving time, required stops, and depth analysis.

It comes in a larger console when compared to other dive computers. This feature makes it easily readable underwater. You do not have to worry about its visibility and entirely focus on your diving.

Customizable features are a bonus of AquaLung i550C. It comes with a quick optional disconnect button that makes it easier for storage. AquaLung i550C features a compass that is at the top mount. All these features make it efficient equipment for your diving.

Best Features of AquaLung i550C

AquaLung i550C is known to be a responsible dive computer. You can check out the top features of the device below. 

1.    Vivid Display

AquaLung i550C has a design that ensures the best readability underwater. It comes with a palm-sized display on an air-integrated console. Large and bold numbers and characters are vividly displayed. The layout is pretty clean and clear. It enables you to obtain information at a glance.

Another feature that contributes to its clear visibility is its well-lit display panel. Its luminescent gauge display makes it easier to read, even in low light conditions. Moreover, there are fluorescent markings for smooth navigation in low light regions.

An additional lens protector ensures that your Aqua Lung i550C is well protected underwater. It also comes with a big 360-degree bezel. The top mount compass is visible and easily accessible. These striking display features of AquaLung i550C make it a precise and reliable navigator in all conditions.

2.    Three Dive Modes

AquaLung i550C has three built-in diving modes. These operating modes are air, gauge, and nitrox. Each of these modes come with a run timer. The Gauge mode has an extended range.

All three diving modes use the Buhlmann ZHL-16C based PZ+ algorithm. It has an adjustable altitude of up to 4,270m. The depth readout of dive mode has a maximum of 100m. At the same time, the gauge mode’s depth readout has a maximum of 120m.

You can also use AquaLung i550C for freediving calculations. It can track calculations that allow the switch between free dive and other dive modes.

3.    Gas Integration

AquaLung i550C runs on gas integration. You can easily read the tank pressure information on its large display screen. This dive computer ensures efficient gas management by providing accurate readings.

It also calculates GTR (Gas Time Remaining). Aqua Lung i550C has a patent algorithm for measuring the Gas Time Remaining. It gives real-time calculations, which is helpful for divers.

4.    User Changeable Battery

AquaLung i550C comes with a CR2450 powerful lithium battery. This battery is user-changeable. Isn’t it frustrating when you lose all your precious data once your device runs out of its battery?

With AquaLung i550C, you do not have to worry about losing all your diving data when the battery goes down. The best feature of this battery is its data retention capabilities. It maintains all your calculations and settings between each battery change.

5.    Smart Bluetooth Technology

You can transfer and store all your diving data with Aqua Lung i550C. You can connect it via Bluetooth to the DiveLog+ app. You can access the app through your smartphone or desktop. The DiveLog+ app is available for free at Google Play and App Store. You can also download it from ediverlog.com.

Through this advanced smart Bluetooth technology, you can interact with your AquaLung i550C wirelessly. Additionally, you can control all the AquaLung i550C settings through Bluetooth. It makes it convenient to synchronize, review, and edit your dive logs.

Your drive can store all your profile data, notes, location, and so much more. Moreover, you can quickly share all the pictures and videos of your diving adventures without any hassle.

Additional Features

AquaLung i550C comes with several additional features that make it easy to use while diving. The device turns on automatically when it comes in contact with water. You can also get accurate dive profiles with automatic altitude adjustments.

Its two-button interface is simple to operate. It allows smoother navigation through the menu. If you are new to diving, AquaLung i550C is the best dive computer to start with. You can operate it without any hassle.

Meanwhile, for experienced divers, AquaLung i550C is very handy. It comes with an additional feature for pre-dive planning. It gives you a preview of all your planned dives.

It is also easy to store your AquaLung i550C after your diving. The small dive computer comes with an optional disconnect hose. This makes it quick and convenient to remove and store your AquaLung i550C.

Another plus feature of AquaLung i550C is its history mode. This feature records your number of dives, maximum depth, dive hours, and temperatures. It is beneficial to access your previous dive records with ease. Its history mode records your dive data for a maximum of 24 dives.

You can also access your last dive information, such as its maximum depth, with a single button. Moreover, AquaLung i550C features fresh water and saltwater dive selections. There is no need for different dive computers. You’re all set with one AquaLung i550C for various purposes.

How Does It Ensure Your Safety?

It is paramount to choose the diving equipment that ensures your safety. Aqua Lung i550C is reputed to be a reliable dive computer in terms of both performance and safety.

AquaLung i550C comes with several built-in safety features. It has different highly audible alarms. They efficiently alert the diver of low air, high PO2 levels, depth, and many other aspects.

The alarms work with its dive and gauge modes. It emits one beep per second for about ten seconds. You can turn it off with a button once you acknowledge and heed the warning. An additional safety feature of Aqua Lung i550C is its super visible LED warning light.

Aqua Lung i550C also comes with safety stops that ensure your safety while diving. It triggers when you reach up to five feet (1.5m) deeper than the safety stop depth you set. A beep launches to caution you. The stop time will have a countdown on the main display.

Any Drawbacks?

AquaLung i550C does not come with numerous customizable features like many other dive computers in the market. It does not, however, have any impact on its performance. It is a good dive computer for its price range.

After-Sales and Service Support

AquaLung is known for its good customer service. AquaLung i550C comes with a warranty period of 12 months. If any issue arises with your AquaLung i550C, you can reach out to their regional website for your region.

In case your region does not have an official website, you need not worry. AquaLung has an expansive global network of distributors who can help you out. You can also use a dealer locator tool on the AquaLung website to find your nearest dealer.

You will also get regular software updates that you can upgrade by yourself. These give you access to all the latest upgrades and features of AquaLung products. You can access it through your desktop or smartphone.

Final Thoughts

AquaLung i550C makes a good, reliable dive computer. Its easy-to-use features make it an uncomplicated model. It is best for divers who look for the best basic features without any additions.

AquaLung i550C does not compromise when it comes to performance or safety. Its additional compass makes navigation smoother. Whether you are a beginner or a professional diver, AquaLung i550C would be a perfect diving companion for you.

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