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The Range of Aqua Lung Computers To Suit Your Diving Needs

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For over 75 years, Aqua Lung has been serving its customers in providing innovative types of equipment. Their range of wrist dive computers has changed the market forever. Their strappy Aqua Lung computers have simplified the diving complexities and enhanced user reliability. Every single product exhibits quality and hard work aiming towards a better diving experience.

It is the intuitiveness and ease of operation of the dive computer watch that raises its prevalent status. The feature-packed watches sport an irresistible simplicity even with the numerous high-end attributes.

A few other coveted elements of dive computer watches include the cool touch, haptic response, convenient customization, feature versatility, and more.

Here, let’s familiarize you with the classic range of diving computers that will enhance your diving experience.

Best Aqua Lung Dive Computer

1.    Aqua Lung i300C Dive Wrist Computer

The i300C series among the range of dive wrist computers competes at an entry-level with the others in the variety. The easy and quick to use interface offers long-term durable use. With this i300C drive wrist computer, divers enjoy the comfort of enjoying adventures by the inclusion of two-button settings. Through these, you can effortlessly operate the dive features offered by the computer.

Not to mention, it comes with wireless connectivity that ups the entire diving experience. So, you just have to connect with your Bluetooth, and the easy-to-install app will simplify the complete menu options for you. The appreciating feature of this Aqua Lung wrist computer is the data retention facility. Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your diving log or the personalized settings after the battery change.

It comes at a price affordable among the new learners or diving schools. Also, the inbuilt backlight feature, along with the water-activated turn-on switch, makes this is an ideal choice.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Four operating modes
  • Backlight
  • Data retention


  • Bulky
  • Long strap for skinny wrists

2.     Aqua Lung i470TC Wrist Watch Dive Computer

This addition to the Aqua Lung range of wrist dive computer comes with remarkable features. The Bluetooth wireless connectivity makes it very easy to connect the device to your phone. Thus, it becomes all easy to handle your data while working on a laptop or mobile. You have to download the DiveLog+ application that is available for Android and iOS users for quick interaction.

The four operating modes integration makes it effortless to switch into free dive, nitrox, air, or gauge mode. The product is delivered with one lithium-ion battery for maintaining your data in the device. Aqua Lung provides the facility of saving all your data in the watch, even with an ongoing battery change. Thus, the calculations and personalized settings are retained.

It also comes with the ability to switch among 3 nitrox combinations along with three transmitters for your diving exploration. This stylish Aqua Lung wristwatch works perfectly for all diving adventures with the integration of a hoseless air feature. All in all, this dive computer comes with power-packed features for a comfortable experience.


  • Lightweight
  • DiveLog+ app
  • 4 operating system
  • Hoseless air integration


  • Compass sold separately
  • Not rechargeable battery

3.    Aqua Lung i450t Hoseless Air Integrated Wrist Watch Dive Computer

This air integrated computer comes in intuitive design comes with a variety of new features. The algorithm for gas management is patented for real-time settings that allow correct gas calculations. An equally impressive element is the screen designed digital compass for easy navigation underwater while diving.

The settings permit quick lifelong pairing with the transmitter for a satisfying dive adventure. Also, the feature of automatic adjustment of altitude makes sure of accurate data storing. With this watch computer, you can change time zones and set a lap or countdown timer. The daily alarm setting makes your experience feasible and fulfilling. The best part is you can allocate pre-planned diving settings for the watch with a reminder.

The log maintaining and user-battery changeable characteristic is an add-on. It is equally stylish for everyday use with an eye-catching sporty design. The device comes in black and grey color to trend it along with your diving clothes. Overall, this is ideal for both new and active divers.


  • Compass navigation
  • Alarm and timer setting
  • Batter-user changeable
  • Data-retention


  • No wireless facility
  • Bulky
  • Small screen display

4.     Aqua Lung i200 Wrist Computer

The i200 wrist computer includes 4 operating modes for easy tracking of your diving timings. It comes with a lengthier display screen. This really intuitive computer is super stylish for everyday wear. It can be easily connected to your device through the wireless feature. The system buttons on the watch just make the navigation easy and are android and iOS friendly.

With the DiveLog+application by Aqua Lung computers, syncing all your data to a phone or laptop becomes very easy. Like other wristwatches, this too comes with a user-changeable battery system. Thus, you could change the battery with stored data carefree. However, this wrist computer offers only two nitrox mixes. But it is friendly to 100% oxygen mixes without any restrictions.

The watch size is perfect for even skinny people to wear, so you needn’t worry about losing it underwater. It also comes with a manual for guiding through the settings and navigation menu. Apart from teal, it comes in three different colors so you can buy as per your taste.


  • 100 percent O2 mixes
  • 4 operating modes
  • High visibility backlight
  • 2-years limited warranty


  • Not much durable
  • Not for long term use
  • No screwdriver for battery removal

5.    Aqualung i100 Computer

This device gives you the simplicity of easy data handling and tracking the depth or temperature of the water. The big dial offers good visibility of numbers on the screen, which makes your diving experience more satisfying. This decent entry-level device helps you in synching all your diving history with its laptop-compatible feature. With 2 nitrox mixes, it is suitable for divers starting their underwater journey.

Similarly, this device offers a simple technique of changing the battery while syncing your data on a laptop simultaneously. However, you don’t have the feature to connect the device to your mobile or laptop through Bluetooth. For this, a cable wire can be used for transferring data.

This device is an ideal selection for salty or freshwater diving exploration. So, you need not worry if your full-sized computer fails on an adventure trip because, with this device, all your data is backed-up.


  • Big screen display
  • 2 Nitrox mixes
  • Data retention
  • User-changeable battery


  • No backlight
  • No wireless connectivity
  • Cable sold separately

6.     Aqua Lung i200C Computer

This is a new device in the range of Aqua Lung computers is launched this year in March. It comes in a stylish nato black color that goes along with your entire wardrobe. This merchandise is categorized for use during scuba or freediving adventures. However, the only drawback is you can’t recharge the battery. But the additional feature of a user-friendly battery changing system attracts customers.

This device is enabled with 4 standard operating modes with easy switching from dive to free system. The wireless facility allows for connecting to your device through the DiveLog+ application. Thus, you can save all your diving adventures history through hassle-free settings.

This device features the facility of tagging photos, sharing location, and statistics after your diving session. So, if you’re a social media enthusiast, then buy this newly launched Aqua Lung i200C computer for an unforgettable experience.


  • User-friendly
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4 changing modes
  • Location and statistics feature


  • No compass included
  • Transmitter sold separately
  • Non-rechargeable battery

7.     Aqua Lung i770R Dive Computer

This i770R dive computer comes in an intuitive design of black color. The device offers durability and reliability in terms of an easy and quick to use interface. Also, 3 buttons are provided for simple navigation and quick access to the menu. So, no more struggling with the manual for installing your personalized settings.

 The gas integration feature allows for the exact calculation of gas in a real-time setting. With the 4 standard operating modes in the device, the use has become easier for any dive. The DiveLog+app helps in ditching your logbook and stores your data digitally.

The stand apart feature is the lithium battery provided along with the device. It can be put to charging after a draining diving exploration. Thus, no more issues with changing batteries or worrying about losing your data. Also, the company offers a limited period warranty to develop a consumer-friendly market. Therefore, with such integrated connectivity and technology, these Aqua Lung computers are impressive, to say the least.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight
  • Easy interface
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Not good customer service
  • Bulky
  • Not value for money

Final Thoughts

Aqua Lung computers meet your technological as well as connectivity needs. It offers the best compression gas algorithm that is developed for keeping divers safe during exploration. Its advanced features with exceptional integration techniques allow user-friendly use.

For a casual diver, this range suits all the diving needs. So, bring this home for your next diving exploration.

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