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Best Scuba Gears for Divers

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Are you looking for budget-friendly best scuba gears? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Don’t worry! We wouldn’t give you tons of links to study and review to find the perfect package consisting of all the essential scuba gear that you will require.

If you love adventures and cannot get enough of them, then you must have tried scuba diving, or it would definitely be on your bucket list. Though this kind of diving seems dangerous and risky, the sheer curiosity of exploring the underwater will compel you to go for it.

If you have decided to become a scuba diver, then first, congratulations! Because you have made a wise decision and you will love this kind of diving. Secondly, have you purchased your gear yet? This question is critical because if you don’t have reliable gear at hand, you can’t perform scuba diving.

So, make sure that before you embark on this adventure, you are well prepared.

The Whole Package

Are you looking for budget-friendly best scuba gears? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Don’t worry! We wouldn’t give you tons of links to study and review to find the perfect package consisting of all the essential scuba gear that you will require.

We have already done the tedious work. You must sit back, relax, and read our reviews of the best scuba gear of this year. So, take out your wallets and get ready to do some fun best scuba gears shopping!

The Best Package for Beginners

AquaLung Pro HD Weight Integrated BCD

If you are just learning the art of Scuba diving, then you must be extra careful. It does seem fun, but it can be equally dangerous and risky. There are several safety concerns that you would have to consider before engaging in this water sport.

So, our first recommendation is to purchase the amazing Aqua Lung Pro HD for all the beginners out there. Aqua Lung has continued to bedazzle its users by offering the highest quality products at the lowest and affordable prices.

To make the Scuba diving process easier for beginners, Aqua Lung has launched a weight integration BCD. It is a wrap-around jacket with an installed Surelock mechanical weight release system. By this remarkable feature, it becomes nearly effortless to initiate the weight release.

As a beginner, you will be curious about the water and will continue to perform this sport. So, you would require a jacket that is durable and wouldn’t easily abrade. This is why Aqua Lung offers this BCD, which is made from premium ResisteK materials. The gear wouldn’t lose its charm even after several dives.

There are zippered side pockets on this BCD so that you can easily store your diving essentials and devices in there.

This gear also includes a Titan scuba regulator. This component employs a balanced diaphragm mechanism. So, no matter how rough conditions are under-water, your breathing will not be obstructed. You will be able to breathe comfortably and consistently because of a tight seal in the regulator, ensuring that not even a drop of water enters the inner side.

You will also find the following items in the gear package of Aqua Lung:

  • ABS octopus
  • i300 dive computer
  • Waterproof regulator bag

Oceanic Scuba Diving Gear Packages

The Oceanic gear comes with all the necessary tools that you will need if you are a beginner. With this gear, you will be equipped and ready to experience all the fun that scuba has to offer without compromising your safety.

If you sincerely give this gear, I promise you; you will not regret your decision. The level of quality that Oceanic has been able to offer at such a reasonable price will single-handedly convince you to purchase this gear.

This gear includes the products of different known brands (each product is the best-seller of its manufacturing brand). You will be getting the cream equipment of the market, all the best products under one label.

In your package, you will find a premium, weight integrated BCD, Seac Pro 1000. This is manufactured by Seac and is credited as one of the best BCD made by Seac, especially for amateur scuba divers.

The BCD is light in weight and is highly resistant. You can practice and learn scuba diving without worrying about your BCD fading or abrading away. This is because it is made from ultra-technical fibers.

The recently integrated adjustment system makes it easy and convenient for the user to fit into the gear regardless of their shape. This also offers mobility underwater so that the user can enjoy the scuba diving fully.

You will also find an Oceanic Alpha 8 SP5 in your package. This regulator is awarded the reputation of being one of the best Oceanic produced professional regulators.

The following are also included in your package:

  • Aeris A300 Nitrox wrist dive computer
  • Cressi pressure gauge with a hose
  • Scuba regulator bag


Best Package for Intermediate Scuba Divers

Cressi R1 BCD Leonardo

If you come to me and ask for my honest opinion on which scuba gear you should get, without contemplation, my answer would be to get the amazing Cressi R1 BCD Leonardo. Though this brand has never failed to amuse me with its wide array of superior quality products, that is not the reason alone why Cressi tops my recommendations. It is because of the user-friendly nature of this gear and how perfect it is for intermediate divers.

Many of you must be stuck in the dilemma of what constitutes an intermediate diver. But don’t give this much thought. If you went for a dive and survived and are cognizant about the basics, you are good to go. You are ready to use the advanced gear and can give someone else your beginner’s gear.

As a scuba diver, your primary concern would be about the quality of the gear. Luckily, Cressi holds the title for offering the best-quality scuba gear in the industry for many decades. So, you shouldn’t have the slightest doubt in your heart while purchasing this excellent gear.

You will instantly fall in love with the weight integrated BCD. Now, you would no longer have to wear a weight belt separately with the BCD because Cressi’s BCD takes over its function too. This way, you can easily wear the gear by saving time and effort. It also eliminates any risks associated with the weight belt.

The AC2 regulator also put Cressi’s package on top of our recommendations. The remarkable performance of this compact regulator makes it highly reliable and dependable.

These are the additional equipment that you will find in the package:

  • Leonardo computer console
  • Octopus with hose
  • Regulator bag.

Divers Supply Scuba Gear Package of The Month

This package of scuba essentials, made from unmatched expertise, is offered by the Divers Supply.

One of the best equipment in the package is the fantastic Sea Elite Scout weight-integrated BCD vest. The weight-integrated feature ensures that the vest serves its purpose well, is easy to use, and offers the highest comfort level to the user. You will also love the remarkable quality of the vest. As an intermediate diver, you will experiment with different moves underwater, and for that, you need a sturdy BCD vest. And the BCD vest of this package is one of the best.

The installed lock-weight pockets are like a godsend in times of trouble. If you need to reach the water surface as soon as possible, the lock-weight pockets will help you get there and avoid any leading dangerous situation.

If you want to stow any accessories or devices in the vest, you can store them in the zipper pockets at the front of the BCD. There are two extra pockets at the back which are used to keep weights in.

The kit also consists of a regulator set; it comprises of Stage I and II pneumatically balanced environmental kit, which is particularly designed for divers who love to explore underwaters and are skilled. This kit offers reliability, exceptional performance, and durability in all situations.

The additional tools that come along with this package are:

  • Buoyancy Compensator Device
  • Alternate Air Source Regulator
  • Submersible Pressure Gauge
  • Dive Computer
  • Small Regulator Bag

The Best Package for Advanced Divers

ScubaPro KnightHawk

If you are looking for advanced best scuba gears, then you must have a lot of expectations. You wouldn’t want the basic stuff, but rather such tools that will help you experience scuba diving to the fullest. You would be planning to take risks and are more likely to be caught in dangerous circumstances. So, the first rule would be to get premium quality gear that ensures safety.

Considering the above factors, our top suggestion is the ScubaPro KnightHawk. If you read the users’ reviews, you will rush to the store to get the gear for yourself. They have been using this gear for decades, and there has not even been any scratch, let alone any major damage to the equipment. 

Scuba Pro introduced a weight-integrated BCD designed in a backpack style. This BCD is made from the sturdy and durable 1000 denier nylon. So, no matter how tough and the difficult situation is underwater, you can continue your scuba diving with peace of mind; your gear will remain protected from abrasion.

This gear also ensures the user’s maximum comfort level by installing a padded back pad and soft neoprene neck roll. With back-floatation technology, you are free to move wherever you like in the water.

There is a 3-Dump Deflation system which allows the diver to dump air easily underwater no matter how harsh the conditions are.

There is a wide array of remarkable pieces of equipment and modern features in this gear like the following:

  • Dual zipper pocket
  • MK25 / S600 regulator
  • S600 regulator 
  • 360-degree swiveling facility
  • Galileo Luna dive computer 
  • Digital compass
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Changeable batteries

Mares Abyss Scuba Diving Gear Packages

Close your eyes and think of the perfect gear for a professional and expert scuba diver. Don’t you just love the amazing and advanced equipment lying around, but wait, what is that? The hefty price tag. That is one of the major downsides that precludes divers from purchasing good-quality scuba gear.

But what if I tell you that it is possible to purchase premium advanced scuba diving gear at a very reasonable price. Mares introduces a feature-loaded scuba diving kit at an affordable price that will be perfect for advanced divers for you who want budget-friendly gear.

The remarkable weight integrated Hybrid Pro-Tec back-mounted BCD has many exciting features that will make scuba more fun and safer for you. Its shoulder pads are pre-shaped and reinforced to offer a maximum level of comfort to the user.

The three installed overpressure relief valves feature the Ergo Inflator Mechanism in the BCD. This design makes the BCD light in weight and highly user-friendly. The durability of the gear is also maximized as it is made from Alutex materials. You can also easily customize your positioning because of the ten stainless steel D-rings, including 3 D-rings. 

The Abyss regulator has garnered a rapport for delivering unmatched performance under tough diving conditions. Its Dynamic Flow Control and balanced diaphragm design make breathing consistent, comfortable, and smooth.

It comes along with the following:

  • Aeris A300 dive computer
  • Alternate air source
  • Regulator bag
  • Tri-material Technology
  • Phantom Aquatics Impulse 600 Torch

Finding the Best Package

When it comes to finding the best package, you have to scrutinize several factors deeply. So, here are some tips that will help you determine which scuba diving gear is best suited for you:

  • Determine your Level of Scuba Diving

This is where you decide either you are a novice, intermediate, or an expert scuba diver.

  • Define your Budget
    Set up a pricing range in which you will purchase your gear because you will regret it if you purchase over or under the budget sooner or later.
  • The Fitting of Gear
    Make sure the gear is of your size and fits you perfectly.

  • Prioritize your favorite Features
    Make a list of features you would want in your gear and then choose the scuba kit accordingly.

  • Study the Brand
    Review the brand image of the company you will be purchasing the kit off. This will help you determine the quality of the gear.

  • Check the Warranty
    Warranty is the only thing that will help you with the repair and replacement of the gear.


So, finally, we have reached the end of this article. Surely, you must have made your mind about which gear you are going to get.

I hope that the information I provided proved to be useful and resourceful. So, go and get your favorite kit and get your gear on. It’s Scuba Time!

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