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Best Scuba Diving Fins

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If you are an athlete, you know how important it is to choose the right footwear. Your shoes must be designed solely for the sport and should be loaded with features. It is safe to say that footwear can either make your game or ruin it completely for you. Nike, Adidas, and Skechers aren’t just selling you durable footwear, but instead, they promise you a win. Just like that, you can’t have a successful scuba diving experience without the perfect pair of fins.

If you have already done some research, you must be aware of the wide array of fins available. From split fins to open heel and travel fins, you will find numerous kinds. But if you engaged in in-depth research, terms like vents, side rails, and snorkeling fins would have boggled your mind. But don’t worry, we are here to your rescue! We have put forward a list of the best scuba diving fins available and a guide to help you decide which one will suit you best.

Top Scuba Diving Fins

Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fins 

If you are just beginning to learn how to scuba dive and want lightweight, hydrodynamic fins, you must opt for them. They weigh only 4 pounds and are super comfortable. These fins are made from a sturdy material that is a blend of thermal plastic rubber and polypropylene.

You will find water channels and side rails on the fins’ blades that push water to the tip so that every kick you make underwater is comfortable and soft. The fin blades also have power vents that efficiently reduce stress and pressure on the legs when you make unanticipated power kicks.

The straps of the fins have an attached squeeze style side-release buckle that is made from rubber. The donning and doffing also become very easy because of the large tab holes in the fins. You can also use the tab as a hanger while rinsing or drying the fins after a dive.

You can also choose either the open-footed or full-footed version of these fins based on your preference. These fins are also available in many colors and have a very sophisticated design. You can use these for both; snorkeling and diving.

ScubaPro Seawing Nova

You may find the design and appearance of these fins a little eccentric, but they do serve their purpose well. If you are going for scuba diving, it is decided that you would want to explore the underwater without any inhibitions. So, for that purpose, these fins are perfect.

They offer maximum maneuverability, power and strengthen your ability to accelerate your diving speed. You may say that the hybrids Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins are the perfect blend of hydrodynamic innovation and the latest fin technology. We wouldn’t hesitate to declare them as the best split fins available in the market.

They are extremely light in weight and do not require much effort to power them. So, you can enjoy scuba diving without getting tired just after a few kicks. An articulated joint is located on the fins that allow the winged paddle to pivot easily and reduce drag. This way, the scooping effect is maximized, and propulsion is provided.

The foot pocket comes along with bungee straps and a thumb loop. This makes it easy to wear the fins and take them off. The extended length of the foot pocket ensures maximum power transfer. There is a wide range of colors from which you can choose.

Mares Avanti Quattro Plus

These are one of the most popular fins in the market. So, if you are an avid diver, you must have bought these before or tried them once. These fins are a more sophisticated and improved version of the Mares Avanti Quattro fins. Though it didn’t change its non-vented design as this feature contributed to earning Mares Avanti Quattro the bestselling fins label.

However, the Mares Avanti Quattro Plus is made from a sturdier new material, more durable, and flexible than the original edition. These fins have an open heel design inspired by the previous version, but the foot pocket has improved dramatically. With each kick, more power is transferred to the main blade, making your diving experience easier and more comfortable. This feature reduces fatigue and exertion significantly. There are stabilizers in the edge which prevent ankle twist.

Apart from the bungee straps, two plastic bolts and threads come along with these fins. These can be used as a strap extension. There are also four channels located in the fin, which increase the thrusting power.


Scuba diving can easily be characterized as an intense workout. It can cause a lot of fatigue if the conditions underwater are rough. So, this means you have to be prepared with the best gear. This is why we would recommend that you must own a pair of TUSA X-PERT.

These fins were designed by engineers to ensure that plenty of power is offered in water so that no strain and stress is laid on your knees, hips, and ankles; these are the pressure areas that can be severely damaged if your fins do not perform well.

If you are a diver who uses a flutter kick, these split fins are perfect. Their extra-long blades make sure that your every kick offers maximum strength in water. The fins have a buckled heel strap so that the fins stay in place and do not come off while you are diving. The self-draining foot pocket ensures that the fins dry faster, so you are ready for your next dive on time.

CRESSI Reaction Pro

If you love free diving, then you would want fins with stiffer blade and lightweight. So, for you, these fins will be perfect. They have a closed heel, so they are ideal for warm water diving. These fins are insanely comfortable and soft. The sole exclusively has a tread that provides traction, and you will remain stable in water because of it.

The blade starts from the foot pocket side; this increases the length of the blade, but the length of the fin remains constant. This design maximizes the surface area in contact and hence, increases the power. The channels in the blade are made from flexible silicone. The blade is thinner at the tip, but it gets thicker at the foot. This design makes for an optimal flex along the blade’s length, making sure that the performance of fins is perfect. You can quickly get these fins in various colors.

The CRESSI Reaction Pro fins are all-rounder fins that ensure your diving experience is comfortable and memorable.

Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

These fins are an epitome of an advanced approach to achieve underwater propulsion with minimum power. These scuba diving fins are made from high-quality rubber that has a flexible and rigid finish. The outer rails provide strength and stability to the blades, and the material from which blades are made offers flexes like wings. These characteristics reduce drag and eliminate blade reaction.

With this advanced design and integration of innovation, an efficient kick is provided. This also reduces the stress on knees and joints as less leg power is needed for the kick. These are the only Atomic Split fins that come with a spring strap as standard. These fins perform best with a tight range of flutter kick.

There is an internal power plate sole in the foot pocket, which offers a rigid base. This is very beneficial for your diving booties because it causes an efficient power transfer to the fin blades. The fins have a slit at the center, which splits the blades. This way, when you kick underwater, the fin blade will easily separate and transform into a wing that will cut through the water.

There is an EZ lock buckle system with which you can unlock the straps easily with one hand even. These fins are available in many colors.

Aqua Lung Shot FX

These fins are specifically designed for women and are an improved and refined version of the other fins in the Aqua Lung’s collection. There is a grip inside the foot pocket, which ensures that foot pockets are secured, in place and that there is an efficient power transfer. The underneath of the fins is also gripped to maximize stability. There are spring straps and a thumb loop to make sure that it is easy to take off the fins and wear them.

The perfect combination of flexible blade inserts, ‘V-boosters,’ and ribs allow an effectual store and release of energy and channeling of water. These processes result in a powerful and efficient kick. As these fins are mainly designed for women, the foot pocket is smaller in size as women have slender feet. These fins are lightweight and powerful, perfect for women who have trouble managing and diving with heavier, longer, and stiffer fins better suited for men.

Buyers Guide

These all are our top picks for now. As you must have read, each pair of fins has a unique quality and characteristic. The quality of each is unmatched and ensures the best performance. But how can you decide that out of all the above mentioned, or the ones that you would have searched, which fins are best suited for you?

Like most items, fins cannot be universal. They all will fulfill the basic purpose of being an essential part of the scuba diving gear, but you must review them closely to determine which set of fins is ideal for you. Your scuba diving routine, duration, and the site must be different than those of others. So, let’s see how you can decide which fins you shall buy. 

Open Heel Vs. Full Foot

Open heel fins can easily fit into all different foot sizes, but they must be worn with a bootie. Many people believe that these fins are more comfortable and offer better propulsion. You can walk on the shore wearing just the booties, and you can wear the fins later.

Full foot fins are just like a shoe. They usually fit better and are perfect for dive travel. They do not require booties, so you have to exert less power, and they are also lighter, which reduces stress while kicking. However, you cannot use these fins for shore diving.

Buckle Vs. Straps

With the basic kind of buckle, you can easily adjust the fin tension when your foot is inside. Some buckles also have a quick release, which means you just have to adjust the pressure once. They are easier to put on.

There is a basic strap that passes through the fin and keeps your foot secure in place. There are also bungee straps that are fixed, yet they are flexible.

Blade Type

You must be concerned with two major types of blades: Paddle and Split Fins.

The paddle fin offers more propulsion in water, but it has the most resistance in the water. This means that you would have to exert greater power while scuba diving.

Though split fins are difficult to manage and require some getting used to, they have less resistance and are ideal for divers with joint problems. These fins also reduce the power you have to exert while kicking.

Blade Length

If you dive in open oceans or use the flutter kick more often than the longer fins are perfect for you. Shorter fins are for the divers who prefer the frog kick and dive in overhead environments. The blade’s length is also crucial to assess when you have to decide where you will store and keep the fins.

Final Thoughts

Once you have purchased a good and well-performing set of fins, you will realize how they are essential parts of scuba diving equipment. They will transform your whole experience and make it comfortable and worthwhile.

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