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5 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks Reviewed (2021)

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Full Face Snorkel(Diving) Masks

If you aren’t too comfortable using the traditional face mask and snorkel while you’re underwater, then the full-face snorkel masks (diving masks) are an excellent choice to consider. The popularity of full-face snorkel masks has gone up over the last few years. 

Full-face snorkel masks have certainly become a lot more commonly used, as they allow the user to continue a pattern of natural breathing. It keeps water away from the mask very effectively. These features, which allow the user to maintain natural functions, are what makes it so popular. 

Best Full Face Diving Masks

What are the benefits of full-face diving (snorkel) masks

1. Water Barrier 

The full-face snorkel mask seals around the whole of your face. This makes sure that no water can get inside the mask. It’s also easy to use for those with a mustache. The strap at the back holds the mask in place, allowing you to go into waves and move freely while the mask is held in place. 

2. Breathe Naturally 

 The full-face snorkel mask gives you the ability to breathe freely with your nose or your mouth. When you’re able to breathe naturally, it keeps you calm while you’re underwater.  It’s easy to use, so there’s no need to take time to get used to it. 

3. Anti-fog breathing 

Full-face snorkel masks are designed to help you with your underwater breathing experience a lot more convenient. Good quality full face masks don’t fog up as you breathe as regular masks do. A double vent system allows the air to circulate without any fogging up of the inside. 

4. No Tired Jaws 

Most of the better-quality full-face masks don’t come with a mouthpiece that needs to be bitten on to. This means that extended snorkeling won’t be uncomfortable. This also prevents your jaw from hurting or getting sore while biting into the mouthpiece. 

5. Increased Visibility 

The majority of full-face snorkel masks have a lens that is curved. It is extended behind the eyes and provides a great 180⁰ view. The frame is sealed only behind the line of vision, which means that there are no alterations to the view. 

The Best Full Face Snorkel (Diving) Masks Available

As the popularity of full-face snorkel masks has been going up, so has the number of masks in the market. There are so many companies that are manufacturing full-face snorkel masks now. With the huge number of choices, it’s difficult to actually choose a good mask. 

After a whole lot of research, we compiled this list of the very best full-face snorkel masks that are available now. Hopefully, this makes your choice a little easier. 

1. Tribord Subsea EasyBreath Full Face Snorkel Mask– Best Overall 

The Tribord Subsea EasyBreath Full Face Snorkel Mask was the very first full-face snorkel mask that came out in the market. Although many others have come out, none have quite matched up to its easy and trustable breathing system and high-quality construction. 

If you’re looking for good quality and safe pick for your next underwater adventure, this is a good option. There are four different sizes, so you have a much better fit. There are special vents in the mask that ensures that it doesn’t fog up while in use. 

The air channel ensure that you aren’t breathing the air you exhaled. It’s designed with a high level of safety. The mask can be spotted from 4 times the distance you could notice a normal mask underwater. The window, which is flattened, offers a beautiful, unrestricted view all around. 


  • The view is extremely clear 
  • Doesn’t fog up and is shatterproof
  • Permits natural breathing 
  • Comes in four different sizes 


  • Price is a little high 
  • Not good for swimming laps or intense water workouts 
2. Marlrin Full Face Snorkel– Best Budget Pick 

The Marlrin Full Face Snorkel is probably the best budget choice on this list. Made of non-toxic and high-quality silicone, it won’t even feel like you’ve got a mask on for the majority of your underwater stay. It allows for comfortable breathing and has a 180⁰ view that is very clear. 

The mask has a dry snorkel technology that ensures that there will be no leaks. This means no nasty surprises of saltwater in your mouth. A breathing chamber ensures that the air you breathe is not recirculated, preventing any fogging up of the visor. 

It comes in a variety of sizes, so it fits children as well as adults. For its price, the number of features you get with the mask actually makes it a steal. Along with the mask, you also get a phone ouch that is waterproof, earplugs, and a storage bag made of mesh. 


  • Very reasonable price 
  • Clear, uninterrupted view 
  • Durable and lasts long 
  • Great anti-fogging features 


  • Straps have to be very tight to prevent leaks 
  • Not the best mask for underwater swimming 
3. WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180˚ V2 Snorkel Mask– Best in Breathability 

The WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180⁰ V2 Snorkel Mask will be one of the best full-face snorkel masks you use. It has a FlowTech air system, which means that breathing becomes 50% more convenient with this mask compared to other masks on the market. 

The innovative airflow system makes sure there is certainly no circulation of carbon dioxide. The design ensures that the snorkel tube stays above the water. This means that compared to other full face masks, you get a lot more freedom to move your head around. 

The WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180⁰ V2 Snorkel Mask is also completely leakproof. It’s 100% safe and won’t allow water in no matter what the conditions. Factors like rough water, very fast swimming, and excess facial hair, which could cause leaks in other masks, don’t affect this. 


  • Extremely leakproof 
  • Very easy to breathe 
  • Fog-resistant properties 
  • Extremely clear 180⁰ view


  • Not ideal for underwater diving 
  • Price is a little on the higher side 
4. HEAD Sea Vu Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask– Best in Visibility 

The HEAD Sea Vu Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask is one of the very best full-face snorkel masks available today. It’s made from the very best, high-quality materials and also features very efficient anti-fogging properties as well. 

It’s very comfortable to use and is made of soft silicon. This is a dry top snorkel that ensures that you won’t experience any kind of leaks with the mask. With this mask, you get an incredibly clear view of all your underwater surroundings. 

One of the best things about this mask is that the strap system is superior to other masks. It isn’t made from rubber-like most masks. It’s made of a cloth material that has a decent stretch. The straps are comfortable to use while holding the mask in place well. 


  • Well made from good materials. 
  • Fog-proof and leakproof 
  • Comfortable and reliable straps 
  • Very clear surrounding views 


  • Price is a little higher 
  • A little difficult to get on and off 
5. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Mask– Best in Visibility 

The Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Mask is one of the best options if you’re looking for a beautiful and crystal clear view of your surroundings while you’re in the water. You have a stunning panoramic view of the underwater, which isn’t going to get fogged up any time. 

This is also one of the most comfortable snorkel masks. The high level of comfort hasn’t compromised on safety. The soft silicone forms a very reliable barrier from the water. The seal also doesn’t put any extra pressure on your cheeks or jaws. 

It’s also probably the easiest mask to use. It’s extremely easy to put it on and take it off. You don’t need to spend time grappling with the mask-like you have to with most other masks. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be adjusted to fit children as well. 


  • High-quality seal and a good fit 
  • Very comfortable 
  • Suits underwater swimming 
  • Easy to adjust while using 


  • The strap, which is elastic, maybe a little flimsy 

In Conclusion 

As we’ve mentioned, there are way too many companies making full-face snorkel masks. It’s not going to be easy to choose the right mask with all these options in front of you. With this list, we’ve tried to narrow down the options for you. These are some of the best options available in the market. 

Do your own research before buying a full-face snorkel mask. First, figure out all the features that you think you’re going to need in a mask. Then look through models that have those features. You don’t want to spend money on a mask that doesn’t serve the basic needs that you have. 

These are the best masks in different categories of functionality and features. This list was put together by us in the hope that your selection process for your next snorkel mask becomes a lot easier. Once you go through this list, making a choice becomes a lot easier. 

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