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Review of the HOG Travel Pro BCD

by DiveMaster
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Hog Travel Pro BCD

HOG Travel Pro BCD

The principal purpose of a BCD is to assist a diver in maintaining control of his or her buoyancy both below and on the surface.

Known variously as a buoyancy control device, BC, or BCD, a buoyancy compensator is a vital piece of scuba diving equipment that contains a bladder worn by divers to help them maintain neutral buoyancy underwater while also maintaining positive buoyancy on the surface when necessary. The amount of air in the bladder is used to regulate the body’s buoyancy. When the bladder is empty, gas is pumped into it from the diver’s air tank or his or her lips.

The HOG Travel Pro BCD

Providing your BCD means that not only will you know where your equipment has been and that you will be the only one to use it, but you will also avoid wearing a BCD that has been used numerous times by other people, plus it is much more comfortable to have your equipment!

There’s no better back inflate BCD for those on a tight budget who also want a lot of features than this model. Is there anything more I can do for you? What are you doing? We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the newest PRO model in our line. In a small package, the HOG Travel Pro BCD has all the basics!

A swiveling clasp on the back of the soft shoulder straps connects them to an inflatable Harness, which gives additional back support. Stainless steel shoulder d-rings coated black and a molle-like panel on the right shoulder are included in this bag’s features. In addition to the Harness, there is a quick-adjust belly strap and two black coated strong gauge d-rings. Tank neck memory strap and two half-lock plastic tank straps come with the Hog Travel Pro BC. It has a pull-dump inflation/deflation mechanism and two 10-pound quick-drop weight compartments as an added measure of safety.


Have you been on the lookout for a trip BCD that has all of the characteristics you want in a vacation BCD? Well, folks, the new HOG Traveler has finally here.

It’s lightweight

One of its most appealing aspects is that it is so lightweight that it will not significantly influence your carry-on luggage. This item is compact and may easily be packed into your carry-on bag. This medium HOG traveler now weighs 5 pounds, down from its previous 10 pounds. The HOG Hybrid weighs 7.1 pounds, and the HOG entire buoyancy control package weighs around 9 pounds; this is what the soft play is made of. As of now, the HOG traveler provides you with several capabilities that are all contained in a small and lightweight container. Allow us to provide you with the specifics.

Detachment point

There’s a soft detachment point up on your right shoulder, where you can attach things like release D rings. As a result, you’ve earned an additional point right there.

Right shoulder dump

At the bottom of this BCD, there’s a right shoulder dump that provides support to our right rear shoulder dump as we descend. This is a feature that several BCDers who travel do not have access to. Diving enthusiasts like this package since the right shoulder dump may be used in any posture, whether with your feet down or in your neutral buoyancy position. To begin with, the right shoulder dump is marked by the presence of a little D-ring exactly here, and the purpose for this placement is because it places your octo connecting point within your triangle.

Adjustable Straps

Additionally, it boasts an easy-to-use push-button fast release and adjustable shoulder straps.

Weight dumps at the bottom

At the bottom of the BCD traveler, you will see a weight pocket for rapid dumps. All you can do is unzip the bag and stuff your body inside it. To dump the weight quickly, hook your finger through the little loop and pull it down. If the situation calls for it, you may empty the weight immediately.

D-ring for SMB/camera

As we emerge out the other side, we can see a D ring down there that is a little bit ahead. This is a perfect place for an SMB. A camera or anything similar may be attached using the D ring located at the bottom of the camera. Alternatively, you might use a tripod.

Belly buckle/weigh strap

Right on the front, there’s a fully adjustable belly buckle and a weighted strap for further security.

Gauge leash

While moving to the opposite side, there is another weight pocket, and if we check just below the shoulder, we can see a gauge leash connected right there on this other D ring, which is next to the left shoulder. This is the optimal location for mounting your submersible pressure gauge or your gauge computer combination system. As well as being located in an ideal location, so that when you reach around, it’s right there, simple to pull up, and visible to you while wearing this unit. In addition, there is a prompt release on this side as well.


The small inflator and deflator, perfect for all various sizes and comes with a low-pressure inflator hose with the BC, will be one of the first things you will see at the left shoulder of the BCD Traveler.

Left shoulder pull dump

A left shoulder pull dump is available, which is a function that isn’t available on many trip BCDs, as previously stated. This pull dump mechanism is well-known among divers who use it.


When you take a look at the wing-back there, you’ll note that there’s a bungee that helps to maintain this wing neat and tidy. So even when it’s filled with air and swells, the bungee stops it from flapping about and getting in the way of your activities. Furthermore, it makes it easy to pack since it is compact.

Valve strap

At the back of the BCD Traveler, , there is a quick detach valve strap and two plastic tank straps to make it lightweight. There’s also no sign of one of those bulky plastic backpacks in here, of course. What we do is make use of the strength of the tank by using two tank straps and a valve strap, which then becomes the strength of the BC, which helps to keep it firm and prevent it from collapsing. As well as a comfortable soft pad is installed inside.

Butt dump

At the bottom, you will see that this bundle includes a butt dump as a bonus. In this way, you don’t have to pause while your head is down and your feet are up to dump air, as you would otherwise have to. It is extremely convenient.

Bottom Line

So that’s a little introduction to the new traveler. The BCD travelers are available in several sizes, ranging from extra small to extra-large. Also, one of the advantages of this traveler is that it is one of the most reasonably priced BCDs available on the market today. Also known as the traveler, this BCD is an excellent choice for travelers who want to pack little and have loads of features.

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