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A HOG Hybrid Pro BCD Review

by DiveMaster
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Hog Hybrid

Trying to pick between a jacket-style or a back-inflate BCD? We’ve got you covered. The HOG Pro BCD delivers exceptional underwater stability while yet allowing the user to keep a comfortable floating position on the surface. Combined with an air cell that drapes over the shoulders and under the arms, the Aircell provides back buoyancy as well as underarm buoyancy. While fully inflated, its shape provides for better body alignment below, as well as a more comfortable upright surface posture when on the surface of the water when diving.

HOG Hybrid Pro BCD

There is a molded plastic grip on the back of the harness that is nice to the touch and provides cushioning for the back and lumbar regions while elevating the BC. The shoulder straps are connected to a swiveling clasp, and the chest straps are fastened to two different spots on the body of the bag. A molle-like connecting panel is located on the right shoulder and is made of black coated stainless steel. On each shoulder, there are two d-rings that are black coated stainless steel.

In addition to being completely adjustable, the cummerbund also has depth-compensating elastic to provide a secure and comfortable fit and feel. At the bottom of the Harness, there are four Stainless steel d-rings that have been black coated for further durability. The Hog Pro BC is equipped with a tank mounting plate with a durable cylinder cam clasp and strap for tank installation and security, as well as two non-removable trim weight pockets for increased convenience and protection during transportation.

Using a back-inflation BCD underwater, the Hybrid Pro gives divers the control and stability of a jacket-style BCD while still allowing them to surface comfortably. This harness has an integrated carry handle and a soft pad that cushions the back and lumbar regions. In order to provide a snug fit around your body, the shoulder straps are fastened to an adjustable clasp. Additional adjustment possibilities for the chest strap are provided via two separate attachment points. Weight is placed inside the BCD’s two trim pockets. Additional storage options may be added by adding additional compartments to the system’s six metal D-ring mounting points.


The HOG pro hybrid BCD is exceptional that we have in store for you. Let’s take a look at what we have here.

What does it mean to be a hybrid, and how do we define it? In today’s world, the word hybrid might be misinterpreted; some people refer to it as a travel BCD. The basic definition of a hybrid BCD is that it combines the best qualities of both jacket-style and back-inflate or back-plate and wing-type BCDs into one unit, hence eliminating the need for two separate devices. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Pro in this case. We’re going to take a look at some of the things that the Pro has to offer.

Neutral buoyancy position

When you are underwater with this BCD, and you have enough air in it to make it neutrally buoyant (ideally) and you are not diving overweighed, this BCD will put you in that very wonderful neutral buoyancy position and will assist you in maintaining it as long as you are underwater. When you get to the surface, you may be teaching, or you might be just hanging out with your dive buddy, or you might be simply floating about waiting for the diving boat to come to pick you up from where you are. You’ll be in a fairly comfortable reclining position if it’s around two-thirds full, which is about halfway full.


Several other hybrid-based BCDs available on the market are priced between 600 and 500 dollars. Furthermore, this specific BCD Pro is somewhat more competitive than that. So check with your professionals, and check with your dealers to see whether the Pro is available for your event.

Push-button fast release.

Things like push-button fast releases on the shoulder straps and additional bent D rings right above the shoulder straps are some of the unique characteristics of the Pro.

Loops for additional connections.

It also has loops up there on the shoulders, so you may use those to make extra connections if you so like. You will see that when you proceed down to the waist strap, a pocket has been set aside for you to use to hold the new HOG utility pocket.

Quick release pockets

The quick-release pockets on this version of BCD the Pro are a nice touch. It is possible to have quick-release pockets where you just take them out and do not have to worry about losing a pocket in the event that you need to dump weight.

Velcro closures

Now, right next to the pockets, there are velcro closures on the other side. You will be able to move your weights in and out of the bag via a zipper on the top, which will save your velcro from wearing out. Additionally, it has a little cumberbund here with an easily adjustable waistline.

Back-plate/detachable pad

The small back plate isn’t too heavy to carry about. This is a pretty excellent travel BCD as well, but it’s not intended to be used only as a travel BCD since it includes a detachable pad and, of course, a beautiful long 16-inch inflator line with a rather small inflator. It also features a prevent D ring on the opposite side of the ring.

Waistband wraps

In this BCD traveler, there is this specific waistband wraps over the front of the leg. Because many people requested a location to connect the camera, there is a D ring that is somewhat in front of the center of the frame.


And right next to the waistband wraps, it has another one located on the other side. It has a zipper, and there is enough room here for you to place your enormous utility pocket right in the middle of everything.

Folded bladder

When we get to the D ring, you’ll see that the bladder has been folded over, which is what makes this BCD so effective. And then there’s the D ring, which you’ll notice as we come around.

Pockets at the back

This BCD Traveler has two little three-pound weight pockets at the back. These are not dumped bull weight pockets, and you are already aware that you do not place the weight in these pockets that you want to dump later. You do the major portion of your weight there, part of your weight back there and it’s very effective.

Valve strap/tank strap

At the back of the BCD traveler, there is a valve strap, as well as a good tank strap with a plastic cam. There are also two parts: friction pads, which are used to protect your tank from moving around.

Additional strap

If you want to buy an extra strap and make this a two-strap device, you may now double up the straps on this specific BCD by ordering an additional strap. You’ll also note that it has a butt dropdown at the bottom.

Right shoulder dump

The right shoulder dump on this BCD hybrid is low-profile and non-flooding. Diving instructors may not have taught divers how to utilize a BCD that has a right shoulder dump. Therefore, they may not be aware of the problem. Those right shoulder dumps make a difference in terms of effectiveness and benefit. It’s a fantastic addition to any BCD collection. In addition, you will see that the bladder itself is cut in a V form and does not hang down, which is quite useful in preventing leakage.

Bottom Line

The BCD is available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large, and it is a lovely BCD to dive in. Especially useful when you’re in water that’s too deep for you to stand in.

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