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PADI Specialty Wreck Diver Certification

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Isn’t it fascinating to explore the ancient ships and aircraft teaming with the aquatic life? Are you thinking of giving your valuable contribution in searching the treasures of oceans? If yes, then you will be amazed to know that it is possible through wreck diving. Wreck diving is an adventurous activity involving the exploration of the wreckage of ships and other structures.

You can also be a part of this adventurous activity through the PADI Specialty Wreck Diver Course. All you need to do is to know about this certification and enroll for it to grab the exciting opportunities in the water.

An Overview of Wreck Diving

Wreck diving is a recreational activity in which a wreck diver explores the demolished parts of ships, airplanes, and other artificial shapes. Mostly wreck diving sites are around shipwrecks, but these days retired ships are destroyed to develop unnatural reef sites.

For exploring these interesting windows of history, divers prefer wreck dive. It offers them the possibility to discover and unlock the hidden mystery of water bodies. Anyone can be a part of this diving who fulfill the minimum requirements and possess detailed knowledge about it.

Types of Wreck Diving

  1. Non-Penetration Diving

Non-Penetration Diving is considered to be the least dangerous form of wreck diving. In this type, a wreck diver swims over the wreckage of ships and aircraft. This is mostly preferred by new scuba divers who don’t have prior experience in wreck diving.

However, for performing this diving, you still need to complete the wreck diving course. This helps to quickly know the risks associated with it. Then, you can easily avoid them whenever such a situation comes.

  • Limited Penetration Diving

In this type of diving, a wreck diver enters the area where proper light is available. It involves getting into the zone which is illuminated inside the wreck. It is the visible part that is lightened by the external lighting. That’s why it is known as limited penetration diving in which the diver penetrates to a specific place.

But you may also come across some dangers as there are chances that you can reach the closer areas of the wreck. This means that you don’t have to be careless while penetrating the light zone. However, it all depends upon the conditions and surroundings of the wreck.

  • Full Penetration Diving

It is the most dangerous type of wreck diving. It includes a larger level of risk and also specialized diving. This is an advanced version of the limited penetration diving in which the diver enters the area beyond the light zone. You need to move towards the darkness and increases the chance of getting lost in the wreck.

Therefore, it depends on the diver to make a perfect choice from all of these options. The suitability, experience level, and training are the aspects you need to consider before trying any type of diving.

PADI Specialty Wreck Diver Course

The PADI Specialty Wreck Driver Course is available to all individuals who satisfy the eligibility requirements. It is a popular course among wreck diving learners. This is because it provides not only great adventures but also furnishes important skills through wreck diving practices.

This course can provide you with the benefits and risks of responsible and rewarding wreck diving. It gives a complete overview of wreck diving and helps to develop knowledge, technique, and skills related to safe wreck diving. You will be able to experience the real thrill of this recreational activity.

The PADI Specialty Wreck Diver Certification is designed to accustom divers with planning, procedures, problems, and dangers of wreck diving.


The training of an individual begins with a guidelines review that is required for researching and finding wrecks. An individual can learn the following topics and concepts from this course:

  • Safety guidelines and other considerations for investigation and navigation of wrecks.
  • Researching and mapping a specific wreck.
  • Making use of penetration lines and reels for guiding the entire procedure of wreck exploration.
  • Strategies to prevent disturbance of the wreck and its inhabitants.
  • Understanding the planning, techniques, and methods for wreck diving.
  • Preparation and usage of special types of equipment and lights & supplies.
  • Diving strategies at the time of low or limited visibility.

You will also learn the course practically, and you will go for four open-water dives. This is usually conducted for at least two days. You can practice your skills and knowledge gained from the course and guidance provided by the instructor. It is possible to acquire the information through the PADI Wreck Diving Manual.

It is also possible to achieve college credits for your Wreck Diver course. You can ask your instructor about the same. The very first wreck dive of the PADI Specialty Wreck Driver Course can be credited as a step towards the Advanced Open Water Diver Certification.

Eligibility Conditions

An individual must check the pre-requisites and requirements before enrolling in the PADI Specialty Wreck Diver Course. A person has to satisfy these basic conditions. Here are the requirements for starting the special wreck dive course:

  • At least 15 years or more
  • PADI Adventure Dive Certification
  • Approx. 2-4 hours on a daily basis

If you satisfy the above conditions, then you can enroll for the special course of wreck diver. You can begin taking training for this course to achieve the desired results with every dive. Also, it is better not to apply if you find yourself unfit due to any of the above circumstances.

Equipment Required

Wreck diving without proper kinds of equipment is of no use and can hinder your learning process. It gets necessary to arrange all of them before beginning your wreck diving course journey. You need to arrange a few diving tools before kicking for the course:

  • Scuba equipment
  • A dive light to watch the wreck
  • An underwater compass is required for navigation and mapping
  • A cable and a reel to practice wreck penetration
  • Other gears suggested by the guide

Summing Up

PADI Specialty Wreck Diver Certification is a part of the special courses offered by the PADI. This certification is provided to the individuals when they complete a specific wreck diving course. It is necessary to accomplish the requirements to achieve the desired results while wreck diving.

Various types of wreck diving are preferred by experts. But a beginner has to take the safest type of wreck diving for fulfilling the purpose. Lastly, it is important to prepare every piece of equipment to grab the proper level of knowledge.

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