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PADI Specialty Night Diver Certification

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Scuba Diving is an exhilarating and alluring activity that allows an individual to merge the world with that hidden under the water. This aquatic world is present thousands of feet down and imaginable for many persons. Just thought that you could be a part of those people who saw the mysterious, beautiful creatures with their own eyes. It sounds fascinating.

You will be amazed to know that it is more possible to have additional dive incremental fun and that too at night. The night diving is an incredible opportunity that admires the adventure-filled scuba diving. The glow of night brings out a breathtaking view. You also have the opportunity to learn more about it through the PADI Specialty Night Diver Certification.

An Overview of Night Diving

The night diving can provide you with an opportunity to be a spectator of nature’s majestic view. When you dive underwater, basking in the glow of your dive light, it brings the underwater world to whole new light. This shows how great is the experience of doing night diving.

The scuba divers’ community are much more inclined to the idea of night diving. No matter even though you have on the same dive site in daylight, but the adventure becomes a more lasting experience when it is done at night. At night, a new aura succumbs to your senses and furnishes a great experience.

The supremacy of night dive can be attributed to the fact that, at night, nocturnal emerges in reefs with the departing of daylight ones. So, this gives an indescribable experience that you cannot expect in broad daylight. This thing is enough to show the adventure level of this recreational activity.

Reasons for Attraction towards Night Diving

The scenario in the night underwater world is much more luring and pleasing to the eyes. The flora and fauna existing in the bottom of the ocean take a spell-bounding look. Also, the nightlife of the reef dawns upon through several nocturnal creatures’ creeps in the frame.

For instance, you might have an encounter with a rare octopus who crawled in your way, the former changes color in front of you, and when you are still in the spell, he will scoot back into darkness. Not only this, there are thousands of different varieties of small fishes resting on reefs and swimming at the bottom.

Why Prefer PADI Specialty Night Diver Certification?

The biggest reason to prefer the PADI Specialty Night Diver Certification is that you can read and watch videos made on night diving. You can learn a lot from these resources and can meet the instructor after the proper understanding. The guide will schedule the three-night dives from which you can acquire the practical skills as well.

Along with this, you will be able to see the real beauty of the underwater world. The coral reefs give the most treasured view underwater. They radiate mesmerizing view when they glow up in the light. So if you want to experience all these kinds of beautiful scenarios that you can cherish for life, then PADI Specialty Night Diver Certification is the one for you.


Now you must be pondering over what PADI specialty night diver certification entails. This diving certification teaches you the nuances and small things that you may overlook in broad daylight while driving. The list goes as below:

  • The certification teaches you the technique to handle lights and how you can communicate underwater properly.
  • Navigation in a dark filled area is one complex task. So, thus you can steer and move freely in the dark, it is taught how to enter and exit in the dark safely.
  • Along with this, since it is already known how the behavior at night differs from daylight, it is taught how to identify plants and animals that change the behaviors at night.

The first dive at PADI Specialty Night Diver Certification is treated as a credit to your Advanced Open Water Diver certification as an adventure dive. To earn this, what you need to do is consult your instructor and ask him about it. Apart from this, you can avail of college credit for a night diver course. All you need to do is to ask your respective instructor who teaches you the lessons.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To enroll yourself into the PADI Specialty Night Diver Certification, there are certain grounds or, to say, basic requirements which you need to fulfill so that you can also avail of this precious certification course. The basic requirements are:

1.    Age Requirement

If you want to enroll yourself in the Night Diver Certification, then you need to be older up to 14 years or more to become eligible for the course.

2.    Course Prerequisite

To have the Night Diver Certification, firstly you need to have a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or qualified certification for entry-level participants. If you possess one, then you can enroll for it. Otherwise, it might create trouble for you to enter into this certification.

3.    Time commitment

To gain a level where you can freely enjoy the night diving underwater, you need to devote your time in the course to acquire the skills. A commitment of at least 4-5 hours is required on your part to excel in the night diving.

Equipment Required

Night diving without reasonable sorts of equipment is of no use and can hinder your learning process. It is even dangerous and can lead to adverse health effects. It gets necessary to arrange all of them before you begin your night diving course journey. You need to arrange a few diving tools before kicking for the course:

  • Scuba equipment
  • A primary dive light and backup light (in case of emergency)
  • An underwater compass is required for navigation and mapping.
  • Other gears suggested by the guide, such as wearing a piece of equipment that can protect you from the extra exposure. It will keep you safe and comfortable in the dark as well.

Summing Up

The PADI Specialty Night Diver Course and Certification is a way through which an individual can know the activities are happening underwater in the night time. This certification is provided to the individuals when they complete the night diver course.

It gets essential to fulfill the requirements to attain the desired results while night diving. Lastly, it is crucial to prepare every piece of equipment to grab an adequate level of knowledge.

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