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PADI Specialty Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification

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Do you want to help in a period of emergency? Do you want to be prepared to save people’s life when you have to provide emergency oxygen? Along with knowing first aid and CPR, sometimes, you need to know how to administer emergency oxygen to save a life.

To know when and how to use emergency oxygen is a requisite skill to have, meaning you are always ready to save anyone in need. The immediate availability of oxygen is the crucial and first aid in all diving pathologies.

If you want to learn all the basics of emergency oxygen and techniques to administer it properly, PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification will teach you everything. Before you register, let us guide you through the Certification course and its benefits.

Why Choose PADI Speciality Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification?

PADI is among the best scuba diving training organization across the world. With 137,000 individual PADI professionals and over 6600 PADI Resorts and Dive Centers, PADI has issued about twenty-seven million certifications worldwide. You can find PADI scuba diving and diver courses about anywhere.

The Emergency Oxygen Provider Speciality is not a skill that you will get excited and enthusiastic to learn. It requires proper practice and the ability to react timely to the situation at hand where you need to administer oxygen.

At PADI, the course aims to teach scuba divers to recognize the diving illnesses which can be treated with emergency oxygen. Additionally, you will learn how to assemble and set up the oxygen kit and administering the oxygen properly to the victim.

It is not requisite to be a certified scuba diver to enroll in the course. Anyone who is related to water sports such as surfing and boating can take advantage of the course. You never know when the situation arises where you need to administer oxygen.  

What Is Included In PADI Speciality Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification Course?

Emergency oxygen can treat many injuries and is the foremost first aid given to divers or individuals who suffer from decompression illness or near-drowning experience.

In PADI Speciality Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification, participants will learn how to administer oxygen in an emergency correctly. Along with that, you will also learn to:

  • Set up equipment properly
  • Recognize the diving illness, which can be treated with emergency oxygen
  • Maintain emergency oxygen equipment
  • Properly Administer oxygen equipment
  • Consider and take safety precautions while using oxygen

The course is divided into two parts, including Knowledge Development and Skill Development, where different topics are covered to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Knowledge Development

In Knowledge Development, the following topics are covered:

  • Atmospheric Gases
  • Decompression Illness
  • Circulation and Respiration
  • Diving injuries and oxygen
  • How to handle oxygen units
  • Oxygen components and delivery systems

All the course participants need to pass the Knowledge reviews section of PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider with at least eighty per cent. The course instructor will review each participant’s examination to make sure that they have understood the material.

Skill Development

Towards the end of the course, the instructor will provide you with specific skills guidelines to follow while using emergency oxygen:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the equipment components after being used on one participant
  • Using barriers
  • Washing hands
  • Perform training in a properly ventilated area
  • Use manikins for non-breathing diver skills

In PADI Skill Development for Speciality Emergency Oxygen Provider, you will learn the following:

Skill 1: Disassemble And Assemble Emergency Oxygen Equipment

In this, the course participants can perform the following:

  • attaching flow meter to pocket mask
  • attach a demand inhalator valve to first stage orifice
  • attach the multifunction regulator
  • attaching flow meter to non-rebreather mask

In the end, the course participants will be able to properly assemble the emergency oxygen kit where two of the injured divers are able to breathe from single equipment. Additionally, they will illustrate how they can store and disassemble the oxygen equipment safely.

Skill 2: Use Of Non-Rebreather Mask For Breathing Injured Diver

Participants will be able to learn and illustrate how you can use a non-rebreather mask on an injured breathing diver through:

  • Filling a reservoir bag.
  • Adjusting the flowmeter after turning the oxygen cylinder valve on at malfunction regular. This is done about fifteen liters per minute.
  • Doing self-test on the oxygen system.
  • The mask is placed on the face or head of the injured diver so that it can deliver emergency oxygen in higher concentration.
  • Correctly position the unresponsive and breathing injured diver.

SKill 3: Manually Triggered Resuscitator Value Use For Nonbreathing Diver

To save the non-breathing diver, you need to make use of a manually triggered resuscitator valve through:

  • Start the oxygen cylinder valve.
  • Checking the valve if it is blocking the oxygen outlet or not.
  • Opening the airway of the diver.
  • Triggering the valve of the resuscitator manually to provide oxygen to the diver and rescue breaths.

Skill 4: Demand Inhalator Valve Use For Breathing Injured Diver

 In skill three of Emergency Oxygen Provider, the participants can illustrate how the demand inhalator valve is used on a diver who is still breathing:

  • Starting the valve of oxygen cylinder
  • Self-testing the system by delivering oxygen use statement
  • The mask is comfortably placed on the diver’s head or fact for delivering emergency oxygen in higher concentration.
  • Properly positioning the injured and breathing diver.

Skill 5: Pocket Mask Use For A non-breathing Diver With Oxygen

In the last skill, the participants will learn how the pocket mask can help a non-breathing diver through:

  • Connecting the pocket mask with an emergency source through the oxygen inlet in the mask.
  • Continuing to provide oxygen in higher concentration.
  • Delivering the mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing for at least one second.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The PADI Speciality Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification Course Kit Includes?

The PADI Speciality Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification comes with a PADI Oxygen Provider Manual, Certification Card, Credit while earning the Master Scuba Diver rating and use of oxygen kits. 

Are There Any Prerequisites To Do To Enroll In The Course?

The only prerequisite you require is to have interest and enthusiasm towards learning. Also, there is no minimum experience or age required. Only CPR and First Aid training is recommended.

Is There Any Written Examination To Acquire The Certificate?

To earn PADI Speciality Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification, there is no written examination. Also, there are no training dives that you need to complete to certify and become Emergency Oxygen Provider. As soon as your certification course is finished, you are a certified Emergency Oxygen Provider.

Final Thoughts

The PADI Speciality Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification is open for everyone from scuba divers, lifeguards, snorkelers; they all will benefit from this certification. If you acquire the certificate, you can breathe easily underwater as you know how you can administer emergency oxygen. You can be your best savior.

Not just that, you can be the savior for anyone who requires help. So, stop waiting and get yourself registered at PADI Speciality Emergency Oxygen Provider Certification to enjoy the benefits.

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